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i am not getting any order

  • Rate this comment0 art_rocksart_rocks
    it had been so many days on fiverr but i have'nt got any order yet.
    can anyone please help me
  • For help, please start by reading all the threads on the forum starting with the very first thread.

    You can find that clicking on DISCUSSIONS>scroll down the page to page numbers>go to last page available.

    Start reading from there, forward. If you do that, you will be investing in your Fiverr business, and positioning yourself for success.
  • Reply to @oldbittygrandma: What if the client doesn't release the payment after order delivered !!!! payment still showing upcoming status

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  • You have to be patient at first and do as much as you can to promote your gigs. it could take weeks to get that first order.
  • My advice : be workaholic on the beggining. I start making 5 logos for 24h, now i'm making them for 2days, later i will make 3logos for 2 days ( i give you only examples ) and that's how you can get orders, and i think that's the way how you will "work out" your offers.
  • How well can i promote my gig?
  • Reply to @mikemans: Hi Mikemans, you can also promote your gigs on Youtube, Google+, Twitter and Ofcourse on Facebook.
  • Sometimes that happens to me too...But I kind of like that becoz these days I I am a little bit busy with my real life things....

    You can do some promoting...and check if your gig description and presentation is competitive.. :)
  • Reply to @mikemans - Twitter/Facebook/Fan Pages on Facebook
  • it depends what is hot selling in fiverr graphics gigs are hottest selling gigs here on fiverr.
  • Reply to @spa3212: can you please tell me some gigs through which i can get orders?
  • create video, post on other related sites and tell them what you are selling..
  • @spa3212 can you please tell me some gigs through which i can get orders?
  • What I do is offer something free for the first set of orders :)
  • @magisworks

    Remember you are devaluing the product by doing that! You may as well just offer half the rates and get more work that way!
  • Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Well I just do the freebies for the first few orders to get the ball rolling. After which, I open up a separate gig for what used to be the freebies. :)
  • Away from the general advice let me help @art_rocks with something more specific: you need to at least show what you can do. Try adding examples showing your skill in transforming photos into popart not just a very general popart image. As a buyer I might try somebody with no reviews if I liked their work, but at the moment you've got nothing other than a claim of what you can do.

    I think that goes for all gigs, no proof = a big gamble on the buyers part
  • I'm sure I answered this before but don't see my comment, so unless this is a duplicate and I'm repeating myself, here's a few suggestions.

    1) Get yourself a proper profile pic rather than the generic sheep. Since you offer popart, why not do one of yourself? That will be the best promotion you can do.

    2) I agree with everyone saying have examples of your work. I can promise the earth but if there's nothing to show it's true, I think buyers will look elsewhere.

    3) Once you have done 1 and 2, be patient. Getting sales takes time and building a reputation takes longer. If you have talent, it will become apparent.
  • Reply to @madmoo: agree with all! Great tips!
  • Reply to @madmoo: What if the client doesn't release the payment after order delivered !!!! payment still showing upcoming status
  • Promote your gig :) and offer quality services
  • These are some good tips that I may implement.
  • @art_rocks Give it some time. Orders will come. I'd suggest making your proposition just a bit more descriptive. Have 'I will draw a picture of you in pop art style for $5' instead of 'I will make a pop art for $5'. Also, add some illustrations of your work like 4/5 drawings of stuff you did. Please change your profile picture from the default sheep. You're an artist. Show us your skills!!

  • What if the client doesn't release the payment after order delivered !!!!
  • Try having multiple gigs is a good option too
  • search gigs which are related to your niche and give better services from them.. this is the best formula i have applied.. and my reputation is up like rocket :)
  • Rate this comment0 sunnybizsunnybiz
    offer more in less price, then you will get orders!
  • I'm just starting out on Fiverr too. Don't worry about not getting a client right off the bat. I just completed my first gig and I had to wait two weeks for the request. Patience is everything.
  • Rate this comment0 seohutseohut
    Same here, Offer quality service.
  • Rate this comment0 zarklonzarklon

    If you cant make a proper video showcasing your gig , get someone else to make it for you. Just be sure to have a clip of yourself saying "Only on fiverr I do this...." --- Then bambambam photos of your work (if you're an artist).

    Without a video , you can expect maybe one sale a month if you're lucky. Especially if it's your first sale. No video=Few sales
  • yes You should upload videos on youtube, your portfolio items to facebook related pages, twitter and myspace or I say the best thing is use forums such as forums.digitalpoint or warriors forum to advertise your gig.... this will surely work... thanks
  • why i am not getting any order as i have done 29 order but now orders are not coming can any one explain why this happen
  • Reply to @sereen: Often times people will see orders come in packs or waves; it will be calm for a little while then suddenly you'll have plenty.
  • The truth be told, it's not rocket science, it's training and understanding, just as simple as that folks, trust me.
  • You are spamming the forum. external links are not allowed, especially ones to competition sites.
  • I want to make gigs for gif animation but how can show sample because in gig only 2 options image and video so anybody help me in this regard.
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  • please everyone check out my gigs .. i m frustated now ..not getting any order ..

    please provide me help ...
  • Rate this comment0 tkeen9tkeen9
    Reply to @venom_hunt: I see you got a lot of orders. What did you do to transition from a 0-order state to so many orders?
  • Hey Please check out my Gigs. Are they good? Thank you! :-*
  • please check my gigs .. I am totally frustrated .. I am in fiverr more then one month, I am cheeking my account almost everyday and watching the same results (Orders 0). =(( . please help me someone .. whats my fault ? ?

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