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Fiverr FAQ - Sellers

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    Seller Q&A

    How do I create a Gig?
    Easy, while logged in to your account, go to the top menu bar and click on Start Selling, add in the details for your Gig and follow the steps to have your Gig published. It’s as easy as that. To create a new Gig, simply go to Sales > Create a Gig.

    How do I add a video to my Gig after I created it?
    Simply go back to the top menu “Sales” then My Gigs, click on the edit button on the Gig where you want to add a video (on the right side of the statistics) and click Add a Video.

    My Gig wasn’t approved or its pending review, why?
    When a Gig is pending review, our editors are taking a look at it to make sure that everything is fine and dandy with our Terms of Service. This is to insure the quality of Gigs that are active on Fiverr as well as compliance. If the Gig wasn't approved, you will receive an email notification specifying why that Gig didn’t pass our editors’ review.

    I just got an order and I performed the services for my Gig, how do I get paid?
    First you have to deliver the order. To deliver, simply go to the order page, click on the Deliver Work button and attach any files or message needed to be sent to your Buyer . A delivery notification will be sent to your buyer automatically to confirm that the the order was delivered. Once the order is marked as complete, the order will begin to clear for 14 days to insure Buyer’s satisfaction and financial processing. After 14 days, you can withdraw the cleared revenue to Paypal or to your Fiverr Revenue Card.

    How do I get a Fiverr Revenue Card?
    The application process starts on Fiverr by going to Sales > Fiverr Revenue Card.

    What’s the Levels system about?
    Levels are rewarded to Sellers who maintain a high level of seller performance. For specific information regarding how to get promoted to Level 1 and beyond, for details please visit http://fiverr.com/Levels.

    What are Gig Extras and Order multiples and how do I add it to my Gig?
    This feature is offered to Sellers who are currently at Level 1 or higher. Gig Extras are add-on’s to your $5 service that expand the original service into a more customized experience. Order multiples are simply the same $5 service ordered in bulk.

    How can I draw in more sales to my Gig?
    A great way to get your Gig some attention is by promoting it on your social networks. Share it with your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections, post updates on your gig on Twitter, have it appear in blogs. To do that, after you create your Gig click on the Share buttons found at the top of the page.

    How can my Gig appear on the Homepage, Category, or become Featured?
    The more positive feedback you get from buyers, the better are your chances of getting noticed by our content editors who may push your Gig to the site’s categories, Homepage, Featured listings. Your Gig will catch the Editors’ attention can stand out and draw more attention if you upload quality Gig photos and a Gig video to represent you and your service.

    My Gig service will require shipping, how do I set that up?
    When creating your Gig there will be an option to add shipping towards the end of the setup wizard. If you’ve already published your Gig and want to add it in, simply go back to the top menu “Sales” then My Gigs, click on the edit button on the Gig you wish to add shipping charges, and simply customize your gig to fit the cost to ship your finished product.

    How do I mutually cancel an order as a seller in V2?
    Visit the Resolution Center at the top of the order page and choose "I'm having an issue completing this order" - Fiverrtron will guide you through the cancellation.

    What if I have an issue with more than one order? Do I use the Resolution Center?
    If you have lots of orders, to save time you can contact the humans (our Support Team) directly from the Resolution Center or create a Support Ticket at fiverr.com/support.
    Note: One ticket is all that you need. There's no need to repeat that action in the Resolution Center for each order. Just simply let us know that you have more than one order with your buyer.

    Fiverrtron suggested an action for me, but it doesn't match my request, what do I do?
    In most cases, you can use the More options button in the Resolution Center to bring up additional features available to help you resolve any issues that may arise in an order. After that, if you still have questions, please contact the human Support Team.

    Where’s the Request a Gig section and how does it work?
    The Request a Gig section can be found through Sales > Request a Gig. Fiverr will show you a list of buyer requests that you can offer your most relevant gig to.

    What’s a Cover Photo?
    A unique, high-quality cover photo is an excellent way to showcase the professionalism your buyers can expect from your gigs. Gig covers clearly separate you from other sellers, and they can even be a key factor in a buyer’s decision.

    But remember, quality is the key! That’s why our community editors and designers must approve cover photos before they go live.

    My buyer never sent me the order requirements. Can I cancel it?
    When your order is pending requirements for more than 7 days, you'll be able to cancel it by going to the the Resolution Center tab at the top of your order page. Fiverrtron will help you from there.

    I have an Express Gig, when I request a mutual cancellation will it stop the clock?
    Yes. When you request a mutual cancellation, the clock on your Express Gig will stop. With this, you won't lose your Express status for requesting a mutual cancellation.

    Can I refund an unsatisfied buyer?
    Yes. You can request a mutual cancellation after the order is marked complete and the funds for that order are still in clearing (approx 14 days after the order is marked complete). If your buyer agrees, their feedback will automatically be removed.

    Check out these videos explaining some of the new Fiverr features.
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