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Funds Pending Clearance

  • Rate this comment0 bosun_bosun_
    Level One Seller
    In my sales dashboard some orders are showing as Clearing: Funds Pending Clearance
    Would like to know how many days it take for the funds to be cleared once it is pending clearance.

  • Rate this comment0 kjblynxkjblynx
    If you go to the Pending Clearance tab in the Revenue page you can then scroll over each pending clearance tag next to an amount to see what day it will be cleared on. It generally takes 14 days.
  • Reply to @kjblynx: it's for old style I think, is this available on v2?
  • Rate this comment0 kjblynxkjblynx
    Reply to @beno_rohman: What I just explained is the V2 way of doing things. To get to the Pending Clearance tab on the revenue page you need to go to "Sales" on the top of the Fiverr page, then find "Revenues" on the right side.
    Once in the Revenues section you will notice a dollar amount labeled "Earned", "Withdrawals", "Used to order gigs", "Pending Clearance", and "Available Funds." By clicking on "Pending Clearance" you will be brought to a page with all your pending transactions; by holding your pointer over the transaction you are interested in (not clicking) you will have a little popup by your pointer with the date it will be cleared.

    This, of course, will only work if your Java and browser are up-to-date.

    The old way had the clearance date listed right on the revenue page; now it is a little more difficult to get to.
  • Rate this comment0 seohutseohut
    14 days
  • what exactly does it means ????
  • i mean pending clearance does it happens normally ?? or if there is something wrong ??
  • @johndepp

    Pending is work you've completed, and in line to be "cleared" to become "available" for you to "withdraw". It is normal.
  • 14 days if the buyer marks the gig complete and reviews else 17 days.
  • 14 to 17 days minimum!
  • its 20 oct today but its still showing me pending clearance but its has to be cleared on 19 oct. why this is happening ????
    Fiverr johndepp My Balance.png
    422 x 47 - 3K
  • Occasionally due to time differences it appears to be a day late. It's still October 19th here in the UK. I would say those funds will clear in approximately 3 hours from now.
  • Reply to @madmoo: hope it will work... thanks
  • Reply to @johndepp: I'm sure it will - I too have some due to be cleared on 19th (today) and I know they tend to clear shortly after midnight UK time - it's now 9pm here.
  • Yeah, I think the process is automated but I guess it depends on system load, number of users with funds to clear etc., as well as timezones. I think Fiverr is Australia-based but sometimes (here in the UK) it feels like they're working on West Coast America time ;)
  • Reply to @londonblue: they're based in Tel Aviv and New York.
  • I see Money in my UPCOMING EARNINGS: But my pending/WITHDRAWAL/EARNED is set on $0 can some one help me?
  • Does no one actually read the details about the site before signing up?

    Funds take 14 days to clear after the order has been completed. So depending on how quickly your buyer responded after you delivered the order (if in fact that did) it could be as long as 17 days later or even, in the case of physical items sent by post, a whole month later.

    'Pending' is for orders delivered, not cleared.
    'Clearing' is funds from orders delivered and completed, either by the buyer or automatically three days after delivery (14 days after for shipped items)
    'Upcoming earnings' relate to gigs ordered but not yet delivered.
  • Same deal here - I have several orders that should have cleared by now.

    I guess if someone leaves you feedback its normally 14 days from the time the feedback is left.

    If a buyer did NOT leave feedback it takes 17 days, but could take longer....I think fiverr likes to hold these in....
  • Reply to @stu009: I had some for yesterday and today that hadn't cleared. cs rep said she would forward to tech support, so it's not just you. How late are your orders?
  • Reply to @accessgirl: No reply from support so far - Put a ticket in this afternoon. Sounds like this just 'happens' sometimes. I have a few orders from yesterday that have not cleared and some today that haven't cleared and its almost midnight...est
  • Same thing happening to me too and it has never happened before. I have orders that should have cleared yesterday and some from today too.

    Madmoo does explain the clearing system to those that dont get it, but what we are talking about here is oders that are pending clearance and it has been over 24 hours. I have never had any orders pending that are dated from one day ago, first time for me.
  • Add me to the list experiencing this issue. I'd recommend anyone with funds pending clearance over 24 hours past the clearing date to file a ticket with Fiverr support.
  • This isn't the first time for me, and I'm sure others. It's aggravating, but usually gets fixed within a day or two.
  • I'm in the same boat guys. Hopefully it gets solved soon. Opened a ticket also. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  • Yeah, it happens sometimes. It happened more often in V1, but this is a well known bug that happens from time to time even in V2.

    I am in the same boat. I have hundreds of funds pending to be cleared since 2 days ago. However I'm sure it will be solved within the next 24 to 48 hours. :)

    Best Of Luck.
  • I sent a ticket. I'm now three days behind with funds that are due to have cleared :(

    Yes, my initial response was regarding the general process and how it SHOULD happen. This is clearly a different issue.
    Send your tickets in (it won't get you any interest back on the funds, and won't result in payments being backdated etc, but at least they won't be able to claim it's an isolated issue, which it's clearly not).
  • Also having the same issue. Hope it gets fixed soon. I was depending on it. :(
  • Same here. My money also not released since DEC 16.

    Last day i found a disturbing payment bug. Which obviously i have reported to Customer Support and waiting for their reply .

    I go through some orders and find that i have been PAID less in few orders.

    For Example: i completed a GIG order which was of $30 amount. And i was supposed to be paid $24 but i see in my CLEARED AMOUNT page i got $12 for that order.

    And i find this error on 13 places. I am not sure this happened with only me or anyone else having this issue.

    If anyone want to check just go through your CLEARED FUNDS page and TALLY your transactions cleared amount with original Order amount.

    Let me know if anyone find same BUG.
  • Reply to @wingle: How far back did the error go concerning the wrong amount clearing?
  • I saw the bug too, that's what I initially reported then added the no payment issue.
  • Reply to @accessgirl: You mean you also see your cleared funds or pending clearance funds showing less than the original order amount?
  • Reply to @accessgirl: Do you also see some transactions show same order. I have noted that after fixed interval there are 2 different transaction id which show same order page.
  • Choose Revenues and there you can see the due date of the pending clearance.
    Normally, it takes 14-17 days to clear the money.
    Thereafter, you can withdraw your money with Paypal or payoneer.

    Hope this was helpful.
  • Thanks danish82 for your feedback.

    Now here members are now discussing an other issue of payments. Cleared payments are not adding into balance from DEC 16th.

    Also amounts are not correct of cleared payments or pending clearance payments compared to orders.
  • I also noticed that funds that should have cleared on the 16th are not cleared yet. Now I'm thinking I better go back and check that the actual amounts that have cleared are correct.

    Are you saying that the amount cleared doesn't match the purchase amount minus 20%?
  • Reply to @who2host: Yes that is correct.
    Luckily i jonied fiverr 4 months ago and i have only 383 completed orders.

    So i spent 3 hours yesterday to tally all my orders with cleared amount. And i found differences.

    I made the excel sheet and sent to fiverr support. I did not get any reply yet.

    600 x 151 - 68K
  • I have this issue on order with gig extras. And i got level one 3 months ago. And it seems problem is from there or maybe from a long ago. Who knows.
  • Oh wow! Has this been happening the whole time or just recently?
  • This is the excel file i made and sent to fiverr support. Which i made by examining all my orders. (i hide my transaction and order numbers).

    Luckily i have $56 difference.

    But this same issue is in my Pending Clearance Payments also. WHich i did not count yet.
    635 x 240 - 147K
  • same with me, i am still waiting 16th and 17th to clear , just sent CS a message
  • I just had a reply from CS that their tech guys are aware of the issue and working on it (re the clearing, not been able to check if my amounts are accurate yet).

    Doesn't really help solve anything but at least we know it IS an issue.
  • just got the 16th cleared, just now! hope to get yesterdays as well shortly :-)

    I am sure they will fix it !
  • and just got CS respond:

    "Sorry about this issue. Our tech team is aware of the problem and working towards a resolution. Things should clear up by later today but if not, please let us know."

  • Its 18 dec. and in the revenue page it is still showing the pending clearance, it has to be cleared 17 dec. Tell me when it will clear?
  • Reply to @brodasandy: I have noticed on average mine takes 12-23 hours longer than I expect it to. If my page says once number I add.to days and patiently wait while doing more stuff. Makes the wait ready to tolerate.
  • I can confirm they fixed it for me, so should be all cool now

    and yes giving it a bit more time does help :-)
  • Funds are cleared.

    But the problem is still there of less funds.
    There is a difference in cleared funds amount and actual gig order amount.

    I still see all those previous orders and recently cleared orders. Some of them have wrong amount cleared. Which is less amount compared to what it should be.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  • Reply to @wingle: I have had situations where a buyer purchased extras after the initial gig purchase -- those seem to clear in separate transactions. Could this be possible for yours?
  • Reply to @morynne: What you mean by that? WOuld you explain more?
    I never see payments are clearing in such way.
  • Reply to @wingle: Yes I have experienced this as well! I had a buyer who initially ordered for $25 and added another gig extra worth $10! After Fiverr's 20% I had to get $28! But instead of one order of $28, the funds cleared separately for $20 + $8. But both directed me to the same order page which stated each of them are for an amount of $35! So that sums upto $70 ($56 after Fiverr's 20%). Though it showed $70 the actual orders were worth only $35 and that is what I had when the funds cleared!

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