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Promo video duration?

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    So, spent the afternoon making a promo video for my gigs. It last about 1m 50s. Hours after successfully uploading it, I get a 'noreply' email from the fiverr system telling me the video is too long, can't be used, but does not state the maximum length of promo videos!
    This is pure madness. Blimey, can't they tell me the max length on the upload page, or reject it upon uploading it, or even tell me in the rejection email the maximum length allowed? Why can't we use YouTube videos?
    Yep, I'm as mad as hell!
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  • Rate this comment0 harty_harty_
    Was told today by fiverr that it has a 30 second limit for videos. But I have seen longer ones here. I made a 30 second video for my voice overs and that too has been rejected, this time because I am not talking to camera, I have a static shot. I only did it this way because I have seen others like it here.
    So I think I have given up on this game. Would be better if they just allowed me to post an mp3. But will close my account shortly. Too much time has been lost already...

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