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Fiverr Needs To Refund Money on Cancelled Gigs

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    I know that Fiverr's policy is not to refund money on purchased gig(s) -- even when both the customer and seller agrees to cancel. But there should be an option to refund the customer's money back to PayPal anyway. Suppose the customer never uses Fiverr again or there are no other sellers that can complete that same gig and Fiverr automatically holds for example $100 or more (customer has paid) in his/her account for future gig purchases.

    There should be some kind of exception to this rule -- the money should be released -- either when requested by the customer or over a short time period when a customer doesn't order any more gigs and doesn't use any of the money that's being held.
  • The money is refunded to your account,not to your paypal account.
  • I had a client who ordered from me this past April and disappeard. He sent me a message this past Oct wanting his money back and I told him Fiverr credited his acct. He wrote back demanding his $5 refunded (wanting me to mail him a $5 bill), his message was archived after I told him to contact Customer Support
  • I agree with you. When I initially joined Fiverr, I booked a gig but had to cancel when they were late. It would have been nice to get my funds back. Had no further interest in Fiverr. I can understand the reason behind them not refunding. Cost. Refunding each transaction to the seller will get very expensive.

  • I thought they refunded it to their Fiverr account, and then they could transfer it to their bank account from there. Is this not correct?
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    No. Fiverr seems to keep the money Refunding it through Paypal is free AFAIK, and I can't see any reason why they shouldn't.

    I've been tricked by sellers not delivering twice and now Fiverr has taken my $45 and it seems I cannot get the back. Profitting from sellers trying to trick buyers is pretty close to scam in my book. :-/
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    Reply to @perbuer: Did you contact customer service about it?
    When you get a delivery, you have the option to reject it if there's nothing there.
    If the seller's late, you have the option to cancel.
    If you contact CS, and they verify that you haven't received your work.. you'll get a refund.
  • I would say if you really want your money back dispute and file a claim with paypal.
  • Rate this comment0 bachas85bachas85
    Reply to @whit3boy21:
    NOOOO!!! DO NOT file a claim with Paypal!!!!

    Fiver TOS states:
    Avoid filing a dispute or reversing a payment through PayPal or your bank. Doing so may get your account suspended.

    Fiverr Customer Support is there to resolve your disputes.

    And, we all misunderstood the OP..... what @perbuer is referring to is WHERE the refunded money goes to. When you cancel a purchase on Fiverr, it goes back as Fiverr credit, not to your PayPal.... Unless you purchased it using your Fiverr Revenue.
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    I'm confused as to why you would want a refund to your PayPal account. You want a gig, load money on Fiverr, and order from a seller. For some reason, you're not happy. You request a refund or reject the gig. You still need the service, right? Why would you not either try to work it out with the seller BEFORE you cancel, or, find a different seller?

    If buyers could get refunds to their PayPal directly, some would simply get the delivery, cancel the order, refund to PayPal and get free work with money in pocket.
  • Wow. So hard to get normality. I have just ordered something. Been told their is a "error" on the file" nonsense and now no reply and no product.
    I suspect fowl play. As I paid through Paypal, and I have received nothing then it is my choice surely to go through Paypal as that is what you pay them for?
    If you cant refund within a certain time, or keep the money in your account I prefer to use Paypal?
    And if I have not had my money or item wthin 14 days I guess that is what I will do? If I loose my account so be it.
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    I made a payment to a completely wrong gig and I immediately caught it and cancelled it (seems the seller mutually requested a cancellation) however the message keeps saying "Order will be cancelled in __ minutes unless seller declines" however get this, it keeps coming down to 0 minutes then refreshing to more minutes. Going on to the 3rd day now
  • Rate this comment0 bachas85bachas85
    Reply to @dzuki77: Gigs get cancelled automatically after 48 hrs if the user doesn't respond.
    Try logging out and using a different browser, it may just be a glitch.
  • Rate this comment0 dzuki77dzuki77
    Sorry, it actually just cancelled and refunded. Not sure if you did it manually but thanks for responding
  • Rate this comment0 bachas85bachas85
    dzuki77 said: Not sure if you did it manually

    Me? :-B I'm just a user ;)
  • I think the original post for this thread is not related to the seller not refunding, the issue is after the money is credited to the buyer's account, it will sit with fiverr until is used for other gigs. The seller and I had mutually canceled a big gig ($65) which I had paid Fiverr through Paypal. So now I have that money as a "credit" towards future purchases. But looking at my past purchases, it may be 6-9 months to use up the available credit.

    I had given sample of work to the seller before I paid, but my mistake was I didn't ask for a sample of finished work. So the lesson is don't buy big gigs unless you are absolutely sure the seller can deliver. Even if it costs you initially $5 to get a sample work.
  • I just cancelled a late gig for $105. The seller had 30 days to deliver and I felt it was unreasonable to fail at delivery with such a long window.

    As a customer, I already had a bad feeling about the situation and then I discovered that fiverr left automatic feedback in my name. Not cool. I was still debating if negative feedback was a good idea (or even possible) but alas fiverr decided for me. (I had been happy with the seller on previous gigs)

    Then I discovered that I do not have the option to refund my credit back to paypal. Sure I could order 21 more gigs to use up my balance but I'd prefer to return later with the option of depositing once I felt like giving another seller a shot.

    So now the bad will I was just feeling for the seller has now been successfully transferred to fiverr as well. Good job Fiverr!

    Note: I might have accepted a mutual cancellation if the seller had proactively offered one prior or just after the deadline.
  • So let me get this straight.
    I ordered a gig. I paid through paypal. Seller cancelled gig. I get refunded to... fiverr?
    Unacceptable, I will be filing a paypal dispute.
  • Reply to @boilybilly: By filing a paypal dispute your account will be temporarily or even permanently limited. When you created an account here you agreed to their refunded Fiverr credit terms and agreed to not file a paypal dispute.
  • I dont know why you are complaining about this, you already agreed to this when signing up with fiverr. If you really want the service, i'm 100% sure you'll get it done on fiverr using another seller.

    TIP: If you are unsure, always contact the seller to know if he/she can handle it.
  • Reply to @arewatech: Right, because people follow through 100% of the time all the time when they say they will. Case-in-point: Contacted someone about a music job that they said they could do. Out of nowhere, three days later, they sent me a cancellation request with a note: "I can no longer do this. Sorry." A lot of good checking first did me in that scenario.

  • This is completely unacceptable. I had a seller cancel on me, and now I am left with $75 and I lost $15 because he completed parts of a larger project, which I cannot use parts of.

    There is no way to leave feedback about a bad experience to warn other potential customers, and I would prefer having my $75 back. What kind of service doesnt return your money to you when the service is not fulfilled?

    This is a ridiculous policy, and getting support from an actual person appears to be quite difficult. Another service will just open up based on the frustrations here and do a better job, unless Fiverr changes their policy.
  • Reply to @tyler_skye: Ridiculous or not, you agreed to it. I know that doesn't change the policy or account for the seller's cancellation (which is an unwanted possibility) but this is clearly lined out in the Terms of Service that you said OK to before joining Fiverr.
  • This is strange to me, I always thought with contract law that if one party does not provide something of reasonable value as stated in the contract, by law the contract is voidable by the victim party and any funds or anything of value returned. I also thought you can't have a contract which goes against the law. Although I'm not a lawyer, would be best to ask one :)
  • But Fiverr credit IS of reasonable value. Just like store credit, which is NOT illegal.
  • I want to get a GIG thats $100 and the service is very hard to achieve so If the seller doesnt deliver, I'm going to be stuck with $100 credit that i wont use. Pathetic!
  • For that reason, I'm not purchasing the GIG.
  • Rate this comment0 wise111wise111
    what a joke fiverr thinks they are some kind of trust fund!!
    I don't remember ever signing any legal documents stating I will be the Beneficiarie of my own funds or Giving fiverr ownership and control of my own money held by a trustee pursuant to the terms of the trust or contract.

    This is not a legitimate act on fiverrs behalf even if there was an electronic acknowledgment between the two parties it holds NO merit.

    Give the people back there money you have no right holding funds on second behalf.

    Guys and girls you are all well withing legal law for full refund of personal assets as resulting in failure of fiverrs indorsed contractors falling to deliver works in exchange for your personal funds.
  • Reply to @wise111: Then you didn't read the Terms of Service you agreed to before joining. I don't think anyone likes the policy but we all agreed to it.
  • Rate this comment0 maybesomaybeso
    I agree with most of the posters. It's unfair to hold refunds in our Fiverr account. I have $100 in refund credit. It will take me forever to spend it. The seller cancelled and I've used him before with success. No there isn't anyone else that can do the job as I need, so I'm stuck with the credit. Once, I'm done using my credit up, (because that's essentially what is is), I'm not using Fiverr anymore.
  • I agree with other posters as well. I just clicked on 3 gigs instead of 2 and it looks fiverr took out $15 from paypal account instead of $10. Now when 1 order will be cancelled, that $5 will stay in fiverr account.
    This is unacceptable and unethical.
  • For one of my failing business I tried doing one last thing to try to save it and the seller did not go through with the gig. Now my business failed and I lost the 45 dollar in a way. I know it sits in my account on fiverr but I have no use for it.
  • Reply to @dritonpllana: businesses*
  • Rate this comment0 bachas85bachas85
    tyler_skye said: What kind of service doesnt return your money to you when the service is not fulfilled?

    The kind that states (in the Terms of Service that you accepted and agreed to when signing up) that all refunds are made in form of Fiverr Credit.

    Eventually it will change because they will lose enough business and be forced to change it. Just tell EVERYBODY you know how Fiverr operates and word of mouth will force them out of its insane policy because there will be enough people who are NOT willing to risk there money. Too me this is a scam. And to all you Fiverr groupies... NO , I dont need the job done anyway... I had deadline. The seller failed, canceled and now that ship has sailed.
    Lets say you "gave" a Fiverr pimp $100 to drop the ball and give you nothing in return but a slap across the face when the pimp says "You and getting nothin back trick!"
    Maybe, and just maybe you know a friend that needs some sort of thing done and that thing could be done on Fiverr. Tell that friend your situation. Together you can setup the job and use the credits and have your friend pay you cash once they are happy with the work that was done. At this point your friend got what they wanted without risking their money, you got your money back and canceled your Fiverr account. Now you can go out spread the word about about mean Pimp Daddy Fiverr and problem solved.

  • I don't care if they suspend my account. I registered to make one particular order, but a seller couldn't finish the job. Now I've got $300 in my account and I want it back. If they do not refund me I'll start a dispute with PayPal.

    Actually I'm super confused why it not a default option.
  • I just mutually cancelled a failed logo gig that I spent $40 on. After hiring a $15 guy (which I paid out of pity), I tried the $40 guy and no luck. I don't have any interest in using fiverr in the future, because I ended up doing the logo myself, so the $40 credit isn't worth much.

    And to the trolls on this post, please don't tell me I'm expecting too much for my money, or that I'm just going to use the money anyway, because neither of those change the fact that this is a terrible policy.
  • I want to respond to everyone who's scolding people for being upset that fiverr is holding the money. Policies like this, though technically legal to have in fine print, are bound to make many people upset. I would never have placed my order if I had really understood that when the seller cancelled the order, I would never see the money again. It's such an odd and rare policy that I don't think many people realize that it is so. As far as the parallel to a store retaining store credit - nope, not a good parallel. You get that when you return something of your own free will. It would be like a online store emailing you that the sweater is no longer in stock but they are retaining your money as store credit, and then saying, "no problem, we gave you store credit - it's in our policy. Read the fine print." Or taking the sweater out of your hands at the register and doing the same. Does that sound like a normal customer-friendly policy? I don't think so.
  • Bottomline....I will never use fiverr again and will definitely tell other people not to use them. They are holding $30 of my money. I never received my purchase. And the posters defending their policy must be employees of fiverr.
  • The same just happened to me $45 in fivers pockets ($51 AU), and no gig. When I was checking my order, I got words to the following effect. "We notice a problem with this seller, and suggest that you cancel the order", how convenient noticed the problem after fiver got my money. Do I trust them, no way. I just contacted them about this, and I can see a dispute being registered at PayPal if nothing is done. Who's to say that its not fiverr themselves posting these fake gigs, to lure people in.
  • very helpful conversation. thanks all of ..
  • Semu prablamu Ai createdu saleu fram Mai otheru akkount and ai buy from credit akkaount
  • fragglesrock fiverr man I want my cash back, fiverr be quick to take your cash but can't give it back. That's not cool at all
  • Rate this comment0 raj5151raj5151
    One guy (ultimateutfan10) ordered and cancelled his order with in 2 days. On that time Iam on travel, So cont update him. Due to this cancellation my rating was decreased, In my account I can't give him any ratings also.

    How to manage these type of buyers? My best advoice avoid these buyers. But there is no any serious problems for buyers in Fiverr.
  • I lost $5 as well :( i don't like fiverr anymore and going to leave many bad reviews in many sites
  • My gig is late and Fiverr says it is already delivered, but I have received nothing. I have no problem filing a dispute with PayPal to get my money back. Loosing my Fiverr account doesn't bother me at all, I will gladly take my money back to Elance where I have always had VERY good service.
  • Reply to @rdmwin1: Simply request a modification; it makes the order no longer considered delivered. That isn't Fiverr's fault/problem, that is the seller being sketchy.
  • Rate this comment0 thomas83thomas83
    Reply to @rdmwin1: I also made a PayPal dispute. Fiverr is really a fragglesrock site!!! Hope I get my money back from PayPal.
  • Rate this comment0 fxno55fxno55
    I have the same problem, the order was cancelled and i can recover my money. No more fiverr.

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