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Buy this gig & I'll collect 3 of your gigs & promote them to my Facebook. Get cool tracks BONUS too

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    Level Two Seller
    Sometimes getting music tracks with free royalty is not easy, especially if you need long soundtrack (3 or 4 minutes). Now you don't need to worry anymore cause as level 2 seller, I offer to you not only 20 soundtrack but I offer 45 rare mp3 sound tracks and by ordering this gig, like follow this thread, you also get unadvertised bonus below:
    - I will collect 3 of your gigs
    - Promote 3 of your gigs in 1 day in my Facebook wall and Facebook page that has more than 14,000 people like Fiverr and 2 Facebook page that promote Fiverr gig too(screen shoot available) will deliver together with your order.
    - Get 25 cool loops music for your business.

    All you can get for $5. Check out my extra gig too


    When you order my gig, give me message that you know the promotion from Fiverr forum, so I can check it and give you all of the bonus I promised.

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  • For all of us who order my gig above through this forum section, I will give you bonus: promote your gig in my Facebook wall with more than 1,500 friends for 3 days (1 promotion per day)

    Imagine just buy spend 5$ to buy my royalty free music, you get promotion and collection for your gigs, notjust 1 gig but for 3 gigs!


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