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Gig Image Size

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    Hello all,
    What is the size of the fiverr gig image?
  • I would love it increased. Right now, it seems too low.
  • actually it's 1100x260 MINIMUM on the "cover" photo
  • ((The original post was from before the new Fiverr was in place, meaning the following rules were not completely in effect then.))

    Gig Images (you can upload up to three per gig) Must Be:
    • JPEG format
    • 682 pixels wide x 459 pixels high (minimum)
    • no more than 2MB each
    • "high quality" (seems to be up to the interpretation of the editors)
    • related to or IS the service you are offering.
    Your image cannot be a stock image or something you do not own the copyrights to use. It is highly encouraged you use unique photos for each gig; do not upload the same image multiple times, even on different gigs.

    Cover Photo/Image (only ONE per gig) Must Be:
    • High resolution and highest quality composition
    • JPEG format
    • 1100 X 260 pixels (minimum)
    • maximum of 2MB.
    • Full frame side-to-side and top-to-bottom
    • No solid color background
    • directly relate to your gig
    • Unique aka cannot be uploaded on multiple gigs and cannot be a Gig Image
    Your image cannot be a stock image or something you do not own the copyrights to use.
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    I am having trouble with uploading my photos for my gig. I am not a frequent MAC user but have taken a high quality horizontal photo, sized it under 2MB and sized it to 1100x260 pixels. I click the browse button, select the JPEG image I want and nothing happens. Can you help me out? Would love to post my gig.
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    Reply to @rrogers4: Well, first off, your image should be closer to 682 x 459 pixels.
    Secondly, mac browsers in general don't seem to like Fiverr; chrome is the best supported and firefox is second. Maybe just try one of them; CS won't help you much in this.
  • I have had issues with my gig images for the longest time.
    When I try resizine image with programs like paint I stil don't get the right result end of the day I can't set up my gigs.
    Can u recommend what step to take where and how do I get the right pics for my gigs do I have to creat the pics from scratch?
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    luckynas said: how do I get the right pics for my gigs
    You 'get' the right pictures for your gigs by creating them yourself; going online and searching for something that fits is misrepresenting your work, along with not having permission to use the random images you found. I've learned that GIMP (free PhotoShop-like editing software) is super easy to learn and use for resizing and cropping images.
  • It is very easy to do resize your gig imama, even to design a very professional one to represent your Gig is a minor thing. You just ne to be a professional in graphic design work. You can contact me if you have problem with your Image or Graphics
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    Honestly, I would like to see the requirement to upload an image for each Gig go away. It's time consuming, especially for Freelancers whose time is precious as it is.
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    Two common sense fixes for this site. 1 the horrible refund credit policy if a gig has to be cancelled. 2 gig image upload restrictions. I cant even set up a gig because every time I resize my logo it still isnt good enough. Great idea of a site and needs to fix this.
  • have tied uploading my gigs image but it not uploading have resized it please help me out
    faecbook fan page.jpeg
    682 x 250 - 13K
  • Okay did not know it couldn't be stock Image. That explains a lot. Thx

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