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Has anyone quit their job to just do Fiverr work? I'd love to! Check out my gig!

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    Level Two Seller
    I'm considering this.. Has anyone quit their job to just do Fiverr work? Tell me your story.

    My gig:
  • Yes indeed. I was working 9 - 5, then went part time (3 days) about a year ago, then when the chance of voluntary redudancy came up 2 months ago I took that.
    Life is great! I don't earn as much now as I did when I had the fiverr income AND the 3-days a week pay, obviously, but since I've quit work my income on fiverr is steadily increasing (certainly enough to live on and matching my office salary), I have more time to be better organised, less stress and I'd recommend it to anyone!

    I also make badges as a sideline off fiverr and do some photography, so it's not 100% of my income, but it's mostly this.
  • Reply to @madmoo: I'm happy for you. Hope I can do the same. Being able to work your own hours is every mom's dream.
  • Reply to @madmoo: You are really creative and talented and hence been rewarded by the Fiverr community, wish you well
  • Reply to @danieljeewan: and @kim_talented - thank you both.
    It takes time and patience, some luck and hard work, but it's worth every moment.
    I wish I'd done something like this 20-odd years ago!
  • Reply to @madmoo: Am in my 20s and wish that I too make it something like you did.. Really inspired and motivated.. Thanx for sharing
  • Reply to @madmoo: If it's not secret, what did you sell on Fiverr to earn good money?
  • Reply to @gfive: hi - it's no secret - if you look at my profile (by clicking on my name) you'll see the gigs I have - there are about 15 active but I also have several suspended too.
    It's down to hard work and providing a consistantly good service - I'm no means the most successful here by a long way - I've sold 2700 orders (lots of them multiples or singles with extras) and it DOES take time to build up a reputation.
    I'd say look at my coffee gig or my stop-motion gig - those two have the most examples of the things I do.
    It's a hard slog sometimes but it's creative stuff that I really enjoy.
  • Reply to @madmoo:
    That's really cool! Actually i really would to leave my current full time job and focus on fiverr. I've been on fiverr for about one month and i earned about half of my full time job salary. I think i can do more if i leave the other job but i'm not sure enough :(.
  • Reply to @guskarisma: Leaving a job is scary but what really did it for me was when I decided that my mental wellbeing was more important than staying with my old company. Now I work when I want and make what I want. I can take a month off if I want and I won't get fired! Be ready for potential loneliness though. Find something in the community to be active in, co working spaces, a bowling league, whatever :)
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    Reply to @evgrowvideo: That's some great advice! I am on the precipice of going full time, and never even thought about the loneliness factor... I would have to take your advice and spend some time in public workspaces simply for my sanity's sake, I think! Again, thanks for the great advice.
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    Reply to @madmoo: wow I hope I can too! Just started my journey in fiverr.
  • Reply to @madmoo: You Are just awesome ..! Really hats off to Your Hard work are one of those who always inspires me to Stay connected with fiverr .! Well i am going with a Great start lets see if My designing talent will get some attention here So that i can also be able to quit the job ..:) :) thank you ..!!
  • Reply to @madmoo: What do you offer that matches your office salary? It's just at only $5 you must have to do a lot of work! :)
  • Reply to @madmoo: Dont depend on fiverr this place will not sustain you for long even if you are top rated seller.
    You can look into the broader spectrum of 'freelancing' which would include your fiverr sales as well but not constrain you here.
  • You will have to seo and make site
  • Reply to @madmoo: Are you still working as a full-time freelancer? I sleep and dream about becoming completely independent with the help of Fiverr. 8-|
  • Nice work then if you say this.
    Good luck with this!
  • No... I don't work for anyone - well not like I have a boss other than myself, the universe and all those who I help, I guess.....
  • No, Fiverr is my second job. I am trying to save up to buy a home in 2013 so I have to have as many sources of income I can get. Plus I have vision problems so I can't give up the health insurance
  • No, Fiverr is just my hobby :D
  • I quite my job 3 years ago...
  • no, presently not. But i am trying to boost my earnings on fiverr so that i dont need to do a job. Currently fiverr is my part time income. If God helps, it may be my full time income from fiverr.
  • Reply to @decentdevil: What about now? Did you manage to quit your job and make enough money to make a living through Fiverr? I will pray for you! O:-)
  • Better do two job
  • I know people who don't go to any job because they earn a good income from this better than from a job..But don't know anyone who did quit..
  • Well I don't have a job because I'm lazy. I'm doing fiver part time...even though I haven't got any sales yet
  • I did. I started doing graphic design related stuff, logos etc. here I am 5000+ gigs later
  • I could quit my job-- I make enough money on Fiverr that I could do that, but I'm not going to for now because I'm saving for school. But once school starts, I'm quitting my sandwich-making job and doing Fiverr only!! :D
  • Three years back i quit my job because of some internal problems with my co worker regarding one of my designs, i decided that i don't wanted to the job so i just spent a month sitting at home and doing nothing and then one day i found about Fiverr on Google... since then i am a free bird. I am work hard and party hard type of guy, things are really cool now.

    Thanks Fiverr.
  • Part time at the moment. I am hoping to be able to save up money for some travels with my Fiverr earnings and some new studio gear. :)
  • Part time right now!! :-?
  • I've gone from three part-time jobs and this down to one part-time job in a position I like and a few key gigs. I do need to branch out a bit more though.
  • I instead recently started a part-time job. Mainly because Fiverr doesn't pay enough for me yet (I'm hoping it will eventually, but with the conversion rate being as it is, it's not looking likely any time soon as I have to work twice as hard) but also because it's far easier to put an actual reference on a CV than this. I'm hoping to be able to cut down on my part-time job though and do a lot more Fiverr, but I need to do some more gigs I think (which I'm slowly working on).

  • I make more here than I do in person on an hourly basis, but the work is still fairly inconsistent. Once I hit a certain amount of stability with online earnings and a certain amount of savings though I plan on going 100% online and if all else fails I have more than enough work experience to get back into the working field within a year, however I think it would be fair to give Fiverr and the whole online thing at least a year after I get enough savings up just in case there is down time on Fiverr for me or I want to take mini personal vacations. That's the thing I love most about Fiverr is that after I clear out pending orders, I can increase delivery time and go on vacations in a sense without having to worry about work. What other job lets you do that? :)
  • Hello, I've been a member for two-weeks and I've sold a little over ten gigs and learned a whole lot about this style of micro-work. As I increase my exposure and continue to study/learn and provide my buyers with top-quality work I'm exploring new was to get potential buyers to my gigs. What are your ways of driving traffic to your gigs? What conversion rate % would you need to garner enough in the queue to quit the day job? Thanks and much success in your adventures.
  • I write articles and blogs on Fiverr and have to admit I have to admit I learned so much just meeting new people and learning to write better. I started writing after I got sick with meningitis. I had cognitive issues after the hospital so I stopped working as an electrician. Now I am a level two seller and have even begun promoting my gigs off Fiverr. I started a blogging service called Dave's Blogging Services and sell my blog and article work for ten bucks for 500 words. Fiverr has helped me reach this goal and I even wrote two books and had them published! So whoopee for Fiverr and yes this Is a major source of income for this Marine Corps vet!
  • I don't actually think is possible... even if you a gig that is popular, competition will catch up... I would have to see or be aware of some who's doing...

  • Reply to @luisblandon: it's definitely possible.
    I did. And I know of lots of others who have.
  • Reply to @luisblandon: Check these guys out - over 150k orders and quite a few require the extras that cost $100+, I do believe its possible. These guys became millionaires from their gigs.
  • I want to :D what about you?
  • i dont think i ever could leave work and work on fiverr full time
  • Reply to @skhan786: there are plenty that have (and not just surviving on a minimum wage). I wish I'd had the courage to do it sooner. I never thought it possible either.
  • Reply to @madmoo: Did you have a buffer built up from/on Fiverr when you quit your job, just in case your gigs would suddenly take a downturn (just because you decided to do it full-time)?

  • Reply to @marsch001: I had been working full or part-time so tended to save a fair bit (most actually) of my fiverr earnings. I took voluntary redundancy from work so got a small pay-off there (which I haven't touched yet) and since I'm of an age where the kids have left home, the bills aren't huge etc.

    I'd say my income probably halved when I left, simply because I was no longer getting my regular wage, but at the time of leaving my fiverr earnings matched what I earned there.

    I would say build up a buffer, definitely, since nothing is guaranteed. But once I'd left work, I had more time to do gigs and the work also seemed to pick up. If I put my mind to it, I'm pretty sure I could double what I now earn too, but I'm not chasing jobs and am happy with the steady stream of orders I get (though I do have to agree with several others that the sales have dropped somewhat lately).
  • Reply to @madmoo:

    Are you currently working through any other platform besides fiverr?


  • Reply to @andre0708: no, just fiverr.
    I do a tiny bit of freelance photography, and sell badges (buttons) in my 'real life' as opposed to virtual world, but my fiverr income is probably 95% of my income.
  • Reply to @madmoo: I think I would be too scared, mainly because of what I do - I'm hoping to add a few gigs and that might help in giving me more orders, but I'm not sure if it would ever be enough.

    But thank you for clarifying! I can imagine that after a life of working out of the home and being tired etc, it must be very nice to work from home mainly, and a bit "when you want to", because people can only contact you through Fiverr.

    Have you gone on vacation since you started it full-time, or do you think it might affect your sales too much since that's what people say happens (even if they don't put the gigs on suspend)?
  • Reply to @marsch001: yes, I've been on holiday several times (was in NY 3 weeks ago) and when I do I suspend my gigs (not because I don't want the work, but because I always try to answer messages or orders straight away and prefer to clear my queues as soon as possible (same day/next day where I can) and I'd feel the need to be constantly checking (assuming I had internet access) then worrying I'd be playing catch up on my return.
    I also have a FB page where I update buyers who follow me, and made sure there was a message on my profile that I was away and when I would be back.

    People often just extend their leadtimes.
    It works for me the way I do it and weekends tend to be slower times so I also don't feel I have to work all weekend.
    Though sometimes I'm up till 1 or 2am - it really depends how I feel! And that's the beauty of it really.

    I wouldn't say doing it full time would suit everyone, but it's worth considering, or doing as I did for the last 18 months of working which was to work part time in a 'real' job and do fiverr the rest of the time. That way you can see if it would work. But I definitely wouldn't recommend just quitting work if you haven't established yourself here or don't have at least some back up funds, just in case.

  • Reply to @madmoo: Do you think it's "easier" for you to get your customers back plus new ones after you've suspended a gig, because you are a top rated seller? So you don't really lose your position, as it were, in the searches after you've suspended your gig? I know that's a concern for most other people when they go on holiday.

    I went recently and knew that although I would have internet access, I wouldn't want to be online (nor find much time to sit down and work) so I extended my delivery to about 9 days, wrote a message about it in my gig and that was that. I did get a few orders, but most from repeat who were fine with it -- the only thing was that I had to remember to remove the "express" option, which I almost did on one gig.

    I'm glad that there are people who are able to make it work and don't mind talking about it. I think if I had more orders overall, I'd be more likely to think it a possibility (or at least while I looked for a "proper" job, without having to then also continue to work as a substitute teacher, as I'm doing now). As it is, the money I've made is going into buying a new computer to become more efficient when I work from outside of my home.

    I like being able to have this as a side business though, and continue even after I do get a full-time proper job, because I think it's fun. It's silly how accomplished you feel filling orders and crossing things off your 'to-do' list.
  • Reply to @marsch001: sorry I didn't reply before - missed your question here.
    I don't think being TRS make any difference to reappearing in the searches after suspending. It may be that because I've been here nearly three years that people 'know' me so look out, or they see my FB page, or comments here - I really don't know. The majority of my buyers are new (my regulars tend to know I'm away) so not even sure if they place any importance on TRS etc and I really don't think there's anything other than automation when the gig gets suspended.

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