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Congratulations Madmoo, You're a Fiverr Super Seller!

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    Let's give a warm round of applause for Madmoo (a.k.a. Ang) our latest Fiverr Super Seller!

    Her Gigs have been such a success that last September, she made the decision to leave her day job and focus on Fiverr full time!

    Read Ang's full story here.
    Fiverr Super Seller - madmoo blog.jpg
    409 x 528 - 44K
  • Congratulations madmoo!! So majorly deserved!! xx :-* I am so happy for you!! =D>
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    Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thanks Jo!
  • Still.. She hasn't..??
    Congratz on her Achievement..
    A great Inspiration..
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    And thanks Fiverr (and all my buyers and fellow sellers).
    My family, my cats, my ...

    ok, thanks all! :)
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    Wowzers, congrats Ang.

    Well deserved. !

  • Congrats!! :) :)
  • greeeeeattt.... Congrats!
  • Whoooaa! Fiverr Super Seller mummy! Gratz!
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    Thank you everyone! :)
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    Reply to @madmoo: Congratulations. It was about time. :)
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: thank you!
  • Class act! I have put my hours in to celebrating this great event in history!

    When are we going to see some kind of Hall of Fame. Eh!

    Great I have come up with another idea to post a discussion for... :-@
  • Congratulations, Ms. Moo!
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    All I want to say is mooo moo to you

  • This is AWESOME news :) Enough to get me to make time for the forums :)

    She is free as a bird,...she has a perfect life, and I'm telling you why. She's a Mad Moo...It's so GOOD to be Bad!
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    Reply to @anarchofighter: thank you! That's great!
    And thanks again to everyone. I feel bad not replying to each one of you, but I have noticed more orders in my queue so I'm trying to keep up with messages and such.

  • Can I like the above post 100 times?? lol...

    Good to see you anarcho!! We miss you!! :-*
  • Congratulations! :-)
  • you are an inspiration to us all congrats!!!!
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    Ok, I already said gratz, but now I have a question. Are there any tangible benefits to this?
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    Reply to @vedmak: I'd say yes, in that it's additional publicity for my gigs and me in general since though I'm fairly well known in various little pockets of fiverr and here on the forum, a lot of people may be checking my gigs for the first time.
    I had a few more orders in yesterday than I would normally so it's obviously had some effect there.
    I've also had a few new followers on my facebook page too.

    Other than that, unless I plaster my new 'status' on my profile and gigs, I dont think my buyers will notice any difference. (Same quality of work and I don't intend to increase my prices because of it).

    If I was a level 2 seller with this FSS status then I imagine it would possibly open the door to TRS.

    Oh, and it feels good. :)
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    Reply to @madmoo: I dont think you could be level 2 and FSS as it would just be odd way for them to do it.

    Ok, so answer is "no real tangible benefits".

    Its like being made honorary graduate of Harvard, or honorary captain of US Navy.

    I guess I was just expecting it to be cooler after reading about it.

    Publicity would be small benefit, but its made smaller by virtually nonexistent following Fiverr has on its blog, as its just not very interesting for most part.

    I think you should probably add FIVER SUPER SELLER, or something to your profile text.
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: I'll need to check the previous FSS to see but I thought one was a level 2 (I'm no doubt wrong).

    There ARE tangible benefits - more sales, more income.

    However, I do think there are plenty of worthy recipients here and since this is a monthly 'award' I look forward to seeing lots more sellers getting the award and reading about what they do.
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    Reply to @madmoo: You are correct. Mark74 is also FSS and he is level 2. So its not connected to TRS. I thought they were selecting FSS from amongst TRS, but I really dont understand what they are doing. Its like dealing with bunch of Greco-Roman Gods who each want to do their own thing and one person is making TRS and another wanted his own thing so started doing FSS.

    I would not call one blog post tangible benefit per se. You get more sales and income merely by being featured with pink ribbon. Unless they give you different ribbon, medal, or something always visible, its not like most people will even know.

    I mean you might get more publicity and tangible benefits from simply having your link in sig of some kind of forum where people will want to get unique promotional photos. I cant quite pin down your target demographic, but I love what you did for me.
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    And once again, thank you all! 3:-O
  • Congrats on this great achievement!!!! :)
  • I hardly ever right :) so people support yourselves
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    If we are dealing with what I assumed we are, hello Gods, can you invent special title and badge just for me?

    We can make entire system like level based game, and I can be the End Boss :P
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: I don't target my gigs at any particular demographic and like you, I'm not sure who finds them most useful since I get buyers from all areas, countries and ages.
    That may help or hinder my sales - if I was working within a niche market such as SEO or writing then I would seek out those specific buyers, but what I do can be used in so many spheres that it's hard to know who gets the most benefit.

    Most of my gigs rely on a visual aspect and though I put most in the fun and bizarre category, I don't consider them as frivolous as they may appear at first glance. I find that a lot of people buy them to advertise their products and maybe because it's an unexpected medium it is something that grabs the attention of the viewer. I also know that because it seems everyone has either a personal or business-related Facebook profile, a lot of the images end up as added content there.

    I particularly like when my buyers send me a link to how they've used what they have bought so I can gauge the reactions and see how they work in situ. It also helps me improve the gig or even think up new ones. I'm never going to hold up a sign wearing a bikini (I promise), so I concentrate on what I know I'm good at, which is photography and creativity.
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    Reply to @madmoo: I will remember to let you know when I find something cool to use your work on. I could just put it on FB, but then surprise is gone. I am thinking of somehow incorporating them into bigger project.

    I cant do testimonials/signs as it would destroy my credibility in my main field. Not sure I would if I could anyway, just not my thing.

    On the other hand, I would dress in a bikini and hold a sign as a joke to promote my own product :P I do have sense of humor.
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: I have a sense of humour too, however I doubt my viewers have a strong enough stomach for me in a bikini. Those days have sadly long gone! :)

    And yes, I'd love to work with you on some project or other. And I'm sure we will one day. :)
  • @madmoo Your gigs are very creative.......My Congratulation.
    Anyone can tell me what kind of benefits received for Super seller rather than Top rated or Level 2 Seller.
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @prologo1: Thank you. We don't change our status (so if you're level 2 you'd remain level 2 etc). It's just a nice recognition really and the benefits are the initial extra exposure on the blog, forum and FB page - other than that it is what you make it.
    It's new to me and there'll be ssomeone new along next month, so I think you might be best addressing the question to previous FSS, since I can't tell you if there are any long term benefits.
    I have noticed that I've had some extra sales and some nice messages.
    And a cancellation within hours, from someone who clicked on 'order now' in anticipation of finding out what my profile looked like ...

    Oh and I have had a few new followers on my FB page, which in itself generates sales too.
  • Can you both @vedmak and @madmoo tell to what should one do to become a Fiverr Super Seller...? Just asking about this in curiosity... Thanks in advance...
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    Reply to @dins_cool: I'm sure vedmak will have his own ideas, along the lines of being super human and incredibly awesome, but as for me, I don't think it's any one thing - you just have to keep on doing the best you can and always try to be better than the day before. And love what you do of course.
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    Reply to @madmoo: I do. But I question whether Fiverr people would ever have the guts to make me FSS, I speak my mind and critique them sometimes so it would depend on how comfortable they would be with FSS stating publicly that their current course of action is just a mess, as making me FSS would mean that they agree with the way I do things here.

    To be honest, I am used to being guy many agree with, but very few come out and say it publicly. Its mostly all cloak and dagger stuff.

    TRS, maybe. I dont know what they expect from TRS. I care about my reputation as a person so maybe thats enough to be in sync with what is expected.
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: I honestly don't know how it works or what makes one person get chosen over another (other than what's stated on the Levels info) but I'd say it's better to be direct and honest than to say what you think people want to hear.
    Whether the direct approach means you wouldn't ever get chosen, I have no idea. I find it refreshing to hear lots of different views, otherwise there'd be nothing to talk about.
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    Reply to @madmoo: That is what I love about Canada. Freedom. I spent my first 15 years mostly in couple countries that felt differently about freedom of speech.
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Reply to @vedmak: I can only imagine.
  • Rate this comment0 vedmakvedmak
    Reply to @madmoo: Just in case somebody thinks crazy country like Saudi Arabia, nothing even close. I am born European, Central Europe, sane people, for most part, just not as many rights as far as freedom of speech goes.
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    Reply to @dins_cool: My advice is to set your goals to higher than currently achievable (In my case, I want whatever is higher than TRS+ FSS combined, and a badge to go with it) , and then just go for it.
  • WOOOOO. Congrats madmoo!
  • Great job madmoo ;)
  • Congrats :)
  • Rate this comment0 madmoomadmoo
    Thanks again everyone. :)
  • Congrats!! =D>
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    Congrats Madmoo, your gigs are superb :)
  • Rate this comment0 abipodabipod
    Congratulations madmoo, I like your work and you are also so friendly! :)
  • Congratulations Ang! We knew it even before the April post :)

    In my opinion (buyers perspective) to become Super Seller you should be sort of Super Creative, offer something very unique - you look at and say Wow!, I don't know what exactly for, but I would like to have one made for me 8-)

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