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Change PayPal Account for Damn Quick Pay

  • Rate this comment0 nljolienljolie
    I can't believe how hard it is to find a customer service number, or email for Fiverr.
    There's nothing on the website that says, "Help" or "FAQ's" for finding out how to change the account settings for payment and I don't know what the hell to do.

    How do you change your paypal for Fiverr?
    How do you change the paypal account you have connected to your fiverr account?

    Where the hell is customer service?
    With all the money you guys make you'd think you'd give a shit about your customers.
  • Rate this comment0 conzzyconzzy
    Here's the link to Fiverr Customer Support :

    You can find it on the site's footer.
  • Rate this comment0 ricksperricksper
    There's no link to CS on the footer of the Forum pages that I can see but the sitemap contains more than 44,000 pages. Fiverr should buy a few web creation gigs.
  • Rate this comment0 ozzieukozzieuk
    Top of Every Forum Page & Bottom of Every page on the Main Site
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  • Rate this comment0 ricksperricksper
    Well, then they must be feeding different pages to different browsers because links to CS do not appear on ANY pages except on the Footer of the pages of fiverr.com. No where are there any links to CS at forums.fiver.com I am using the Opera browser.
  • Rate this comment0 ricksperricksper
    So now the CS link is appearing in the Header of the Forums page. At least temporarily.
    This is how it appeared.
    forums header.jpg
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  • Rate this comment0 seohutseohut
    Everyone give Customer Support link so go there :(
  • Rate this comment0 ricksperricksper
    Reply to @seohut: I guess you miss the point. In my experience and others, the Fiverr website is erratic and unreliable. There should be no need for anyone to rely on others to contact CS.
  • Rate this comment0 ricksperricksper
    Here's more of what I'm talking about. The screenshot is from page 7 of the Ranting Pot thread.
    I'm done ranting
    231 x 156 - 14K
  • It's not exactly a CS contact, but if you do a lot of digging, you can find an email address: legal@fiverr.com I suppose it's a legal requirement to have it, but they don't really want anyone to use it.

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