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Making a large order with multiple gigs into a single order

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    Level Two Seller
    Projects in technology/programming category are often large/medium, and buyer needs to buy multiple gigs for a single project. It is cumbersome to keep track of correspondence if buyer responds to threads related to multiple orders spawned. Also, buyer and seller need to close all those orders once the task is completed.

    How about allowing buyers to create a single order with multiple gigs, and open a single thread for communication?
  • I have buyers that order multiple GIG's all in one order.

    And they are monitored all under one thread.
  • Reply to @rossonomous: wait I am confused are you meaning that you have a page that will bunch all of the gigs together so you do not have to contact them on 20 different message boards? or are you talking about the ordering up to 8 gigs at once? I get orders that are up to 50 gigs so even that wont help me:(
  • @rossonomous, thanks for letting me know about it. So that means this functionality is already available. Maybe, I will request my buyers to use it when ordering solution to large projects.

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