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zoe_21 ReportContact Me
13th Jun 2013 at 6:22 PM


My assumptions are:

Is counted each time there’s a visit to your gig/profile AND the visitor doesn’t click on anything. Just looks

Is counted when your gig appears with other seller gigs ie on a Category page let’s say For example: a viewer searches for ‘translate English to Portuguese’ and your gig appears with other sellers


davidverissimo said: I always have a HUGE difference between these two.

because, continuing with the example above, there are other sellers offering translation services and yours appears alongside them in the search results 🙂


bachas85 said: I still don’t know the difference between clicks and page views.

Clicks are counted when a viewer has clicked on anything placed on your gigs ie a video, title, image, live portofolio example 🙂

PageView = appearing alone
Impression = appearing with others
Clicks = viewer is interested in something on your page/gig (This is the most important of the three as viewer has made an effort to find out more about your gig by actually clicking something on your Fiverr profile or gig)

As I said, these are my assumptions, therefore, doesn’t mean they are correct :-B