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Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) (1)

On behalf of Fonthaunt (feel free to refer to this post): Buyer Request Help: This is not an official statement but I can give out some general information based on what has been observed about Buyer Requests. If this…

How do I Permanently Deactivate my Account? Can I Re-Activate my Account? (3)

It is really recommended that you just let your account sit dormant instead since this actual CANNOT ever be reversed. If you have gigs, you can pause or delete them and just let the account sit. Eventually Fiverr migh…

Why are My Stats Changing (for No Reason)? (5)

Many sellers have mentioned that their stats have or haven’t changed and they don’t understand why. This is especially true near each evaluation day when everyone is nervous. You must remember that your stats are measur…

About the Fiverr FAQ category (1)
Refunds for Buyers - Getting Funds Back to Your Account - Is it Ever Possible? (3)

Hello all, This topic is brought up a lot by buyers, usually in the Ranting Pot where they are angry because they didn't read the Terms thoroughly. They usually have not informed themselves about the buyer processing …

Looking for your Post or Reply? (8)

Don't forget - you can look at your own forum profile to see your own posts, replies and all kinds of information. If a post of yours has been removed due to flags, you will usually get a notification explaining it, …

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