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Conversations The Conversations category is a kind of catch-all for discussion that doesn't fit in another category. This is a good category for talk about non-Fiverr or Fiverr-related discussion. You are welcome to write about your experiences on and offline, hobbies, ideas, and anything else that doesn't break the <a href="">forum rules</a> or other <a href="">community guidelines</a>. This category is not the place for <a href="">advertising</a> or<a href=""> requests for gig help</a>. It may also help to read <a href="">this topic about the Conversations</a> category. Improve My Gig The Ranting Pot My Fiverr Gigs This category is for advertising Fiverr Gigs. It is not for advertising anything but Fiverr Gigs. This is the only place on the forum where you may list links to your Gigs for sale. Fiverr Stories
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