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0 day delivery? This has to be a glitch

Recently, I stumbled upon a gig which offered 0 day delivery for the extra charge of “$0”. Has anyone else seen this before? Also, would the order be marked late right away if the countdown glitched as well?


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I that’s not a glitch, +0 day delivery means not additional day is needed.
+0 means no price will be charge even if you use the express delivery.

It will be long to explain, you can try creating a gig, and you will understand it :slight_smile:

It seems I just accidentally created a 0 day order as well. Immediately after the order is accepted, it shows up as “late”. So is it affecting my standing negatively because of “late delivery”?

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If it’s an order someone’s made with you then it most likely will affect you/your Fiverr stats & gig position(s) it it shows up as late as soon as the order was accepted. At least when the order gets delivered and completed it will most likely affect things. If it’s an order you made as a buyer by purchasing a gig from another seller it will likely negatively affect them (though maybe it might affect the review the seller gives the buyer too).

You could contact CS and see if they can help eg. fix the bug and try and make it not affect stats. Maybe they could change the number of delivery days in the order or try and cancel it without it affecting stats so it could be re-ordered. If the number of delivery days in the order is extended using the resolution centre it will likely still be counted as late once it is complete because it was initially counted as late.

I guess I’ll just be more careful filling out the order form next time…

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So if it’s an order you made maybe talk to the seller about it, maybe they can contact CS about it and try and get the order fixed. Maybe the seller should also fix the set up of their gig (so there’s no option for 0 day delivery) so it won’t reoccur. Though it’s still a bug that it lets a gig get set up in that way.

No, I am the seller… and yeah I agree it’s a bug. Thanks

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