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0 for 2 - no sucess so far. how do I explain my wants better?

new first gig, and I was looking for someone to do a specific logo id like. I did a request, got some offers, honed it down by looking at their profiles and who would have the capability to do the work. back and forth, giving links to examples and making a video explaining and giving detailed instructions but after 4 tries, it just wasnt even partly close to what I would like.

got a refund. started searching again. sent messages of what I was looking to potential sellers. got replies back. some said yes, some no. decided on one. payed the $50 gave him pictures, detailed instructions and a video as well to give him the right direction. got the logo. not good. not even close with the style. I added another $10 as I wanted something different with the female hand which can be seen in the video. so payed $80 (extra fees)till now. gave more detailed instruction to give him proper direction for style.

2nd time around , received. very similar to 1st. see the video here and you can see the 2 jobs he delivered to me. 1st is top 2nd is under. I asked for a specific color and gave the number through the color picker from photoshop. he did it black. it was supposed to be turquoise. I asked for a flat rin not rounded thin ring. I asked for a closed hand on the left female hand. so not good. not the style I was looking for

made a video to try and explain

with all this, I payed may 25. I got 2 revisions and waiting for the 3rd and hopefully final.
he disappeared with no reply or update on the job and I explained to him over and over, take extra time if you need, the least you should do is tell the buyer you are working on it so he feels reassured it will be delivered. he said he had technical problems. thats fine. I didnt rush him. take 3 days for a revision but stay in contact with your buyers always. I sent him the video, links to the images explained in the note as well and no acknowledgment. a simple “got it, ill get back to you” would suffice.

0 for 2 and NOT HAPPY. this is not good for fiverr. im patient but this is getting too much.
why is it hard for the designers to follow direction on what one would like? reminds me of hair stylists where the women go in for a 1/2 trim and they always butcher and dont listen to directions.

Seems like you’ve been trying to get this done for a long time.
I’m not a logo creator, but I think after this video you may get someone who is capable of doing it.

Send this video to a couple more sellers.

Is the picture below even close to what you’re looking for?
If it is, feel free to send this as well.

been trying for a while now. first seller payment was may 5. went through the back and forth with her. now again with the 2nd seller.
work style is modern and minimalistic but needs more flare and a bit more detail. would prefer an edged work.
the hands position have to be specific and pretty exact with how they are except a closed fist on both hands. shes pointing straight at him and his is closed with thumb and pointer finger holding the ring and going to slip it on. but no touching.
going to ask to cancel. im not happy.

I see you’re asking for something very specific in terms of design, and not receiving anything close to it. Your video is very clear on what you’re after. If you’d like, send me a message and we can discuss the specifics of your project. Perhaps I could better service the logo design.

I can’t exactly talk since I have not set up my logo gig I’ll say but you are very specific with exactly what you want I can understand what you want perfectly. You might have to find another person but I see some others sending offers so good luck with your logo!~