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Hello, I have been selling on fiverr for about a month. In total, i have gotten about 30 orders and 5 star ratings on all of them. I realised my conversion rate was pretty low so i decided to make a gig video. I also changed the title and SEO tags to a niche that is a little more broad (Esports logos, before i was doing youtube logos) It has been two days since making these changes and my analytics have been saying i am receiving 0 gig impressions. This is super weird because i feel like 2 days is a long enough review time for fiver. before i was getting about 6.5k impressions. My gig is active, it is not in pending or needs changes



Share your gig on social media but don’t spam.

Hi, This is a good idea but i do not believe this will solve my problem if anything it will get me 2 more clicks (I forgot to mention my gig is not showing up in search seven when using the exact title)