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0 impression and 0 clicks

I didn’t getting any impressions and clicks for this gig. Is any problem with this gig. Please suggest any ideas

please check your gig, may ne your gig isn’t active yet

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Try this, because in your descriptions there were something missed out.
Hope that you will realize.


Thanks for the tip. I think its useful

Hi, My average impressions were 50-60 per day, after updating the thumbnails 2 days ago, got no impressions. I search exact keywords but didn’t find my gig in the results

First, check your Gig status here If it says it active but not perform well then your Gig needs to be improved to get impressions and clicks. And the best is doing Gig SEO and marketing.

Yup, the gig is active. Can you please take a look?

Yes share your gig on different platforms

The best way is showing your GIG in different social media. Must not be just “hey here’s the GIG, check it”. A cool way to share your GIG is telling stories about it, your skills and your professional experience. To create an audience and people wanting to know more about you and your talent.