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0 impressions problem

Now, Im not here to complain or ask you on how to get orders. But yesterday I went from 2k impressions to 0 impressions in a day ON ALL MY GIGS. I did not go out office or any of that. I just want a reasonable explanation to prevent this from happening again.

EDIT: A lot of people are experiencing this problem, perhaps its a bug.


kindly read fiverr policies so you may find your answer, and in my senses it happens because competition rises every day, fiverr is having new sellers, so try to keep your gig up to date time to time. for further authentic guidance you can contact fiverr support.

Getting your impressions slashed to 0 isn’t a problem on me reading the TOS. If your having 2k impressions a day, your not going to get a day where its 0…this is clearly a fiverr problem.


excellent explanation, it’s so obvious impression cant go down directly to ‘0’


Then maybe a bug or something like that, you should contact CS, they are always there to help.

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I would but there responding time is ridiculous, now its taking over a week to respond. Unbelievable.

Generally all inquiries are answered in the order they are created. Occasionally, due to some requests requiring more research than others and also due to excessive demand, a reply may take longer than 24 hours. they also do apologies in advance via email for any reply that exceeds this time frame, but they make assure that they are working hard to get back to us as quickly as possible to provide a considerate response. If it takes time then defiantly it is something serious and it needs time to be resolved, they are working 24/7, so we should have patience.

Not really…A professional company should not take over a week to respond to you…if there understaffed, its there problem. They take a part of my revenues least I expect is good customer service.

I too faced the same problem!!


i faced the same problem , it’s a bug ?

It probably is. My gigs were ranking first page and I can’t think of a situation where 2k impressions get slashed down to 0 impressions.

Same my gig ranking is on first page with 0 impression ?

Yeah…its weird. Probably a bug.

Same problem i face. Yesterday my gig ranking up but today ranking going down.

Same problem. All 3 gigs’ impressions are 0

I have the same problem, all two gigs down to 0, must be a bug

It is a Fiverr bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I faced same problem

i am also facing same problem, my gigs are not appearing in search results at all however these are appearing as active. 0 impressions from 17 sep 2020. it seems bug or something, fiverr support hasn’t responded yet.

Did you recently edited your gig ? Tags - seo title - Primary image of your gig ?
It looks like you did,
I did exactly same with my gig a week ago and I lost it from search result, try searching it and if you find it all good…But if you cant you have to ask CS to reindex your gig to have it back to its actual place !