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0 offer left today whereas i haven't sent any

I haven’t sent any buyer request today but it is showing 0 offer left today? is it a bug or something else! what should be done now?


same problem i face today

There are many people who post on that specific topic, everybody having the same problem, have an eye on the forum @sadmansakibnadv

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We all are facing same bug today. Fiver please improve your website. 2nd bug i am facing in 2 weeks.

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Same problem here sent 3 but instead of 7 left showing 3 I think it’a a bug

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Today is holiday from fiverr, be relax and do some home work to improve gig will really help.

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Same problem, 0 offers left today

The same thing happened to me.
I have already talked with Fiverr Team, They are working to fix the problem.

Same problem today…

Buyer Request Bug Report: 0 offers left today .