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0 Offer Let Today

hey friends
i have a problem i complete task for my client and he /she give me 4.4 star rating now in my buyer request page its showing no offer left today and showing 90% Positive Review

Any One Please Help Me by Answer To my Question

You have 10 offers per day. But you can’t send any offers if your overall rating drops below … 4.8, I think, so take good care of your next gigs to keep your rating up.

Sorry you’ve had this.

You got an excellent comment which sounds as if your buyer was really pleased. They left a review of 88% which in any other part of the universe would be counted as brilliant, but you’ve been penalised for it. It makes no sense to me at all I’m afraid.

All you can do until you get your score back up to 4.8 is to market your gigs off-Fiverr so that your score increases and then you’ll be able to use buyer requests again.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Dear For Your Reply I will Take Care Of my Next gig but it was my first review and now difficult to get any other order is there another way to solve it

I am very Thanks Full To You For Your Reply

Oh, I see, you didn’t mention it was your only review, yes, in that case it’s very tough luck, especially since the text of the review sounds as if the buyer was satisfied.
Like offlinehelpers said, you need to either promote your gig and get buyers like that, or be lucky and have buyers contact you directly (seeing that the review text is very positive, that might happen), until your rating is high enough again to use Buyer Request. Good luck to you.

Last option, if none of that will work out, would be to close this account and start anew. In case you choose that road, make sure to first close your current account before opening a new one, as multiple accounts could get you banned.

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