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0 offers left today Every day It show in Buyer Request

One day i use 3 buyer requests but In next day it shows 0 buyer offers left Kindly guide me

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Buyer Request Bug Report: 0 offers left today :point_left:

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How to report that bug

If you need to create support ticket
visit here :point_right:

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Thanks for your support

Same problem with me… Showing buyer request but can’t send the offer:thinking:

i am facing same issue even i did not make any offer but still showing zero offers left today…
who have the right solution.what reason can be ? no idea ?
every things is perfect except order completion is 91% percentage

Same problem in my Account. Showing Zero offer left. Though I have not send any buyer request today.Please give me a solution. Is it a problem of fiverr?

I think this is a technical issue hope resolve this problem within a few hours:thinking:

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I faced same problem today. actually, when 8 offers left, it shows 2 offers left. I think fiverr updating this system. I will suggest you first do a bid from Fiverr app. Then you can Bid from Web.