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0 orders till date

I have a digital sketching gig that I provide for $5. I have invested a lot of time in making the video as well but till date I have never got a single order. I keep updating my gig details polishing it and also I keep sending buyer requests to 10 requests per day. Giving up is not an option for me because it not impossible. Does somebody have any suggestions? thanks in advance.


every time you update ur gig it takes times till fiverr approve it. you should not touch your gig, and be patient.
usally first order come after 2-4 weeks, but once u get some 5 star reviews u get orders on daily basis

Hi thanks for the advice. I’ll keep in mind to create a finished version of the gig and not touch it afterwards.

Hi Prasad, I checked your gig just now. I understand how frustrating it feels to give a lot of thought into your gig yet not getting the traction you hope for.

Unfortunately, digital sketch isn’t really a business-oriented gig; meaning that the people who buy such gigs are mostly doing it because of the novelty value. I did a search on your competitors and didn’t see crazy review numbers apparent on other sectors like graphic design or content writing either. At most in the hundreds. These are people who offer high quality, hyper-realistic sketches with proper anatomy and shading.

While I agree that art is subjective, you need to also understand that people are looking for value. There are other gigs priced at $5 with more details than what you offer, so they would feel it is more value for money to go to them instead.

If you would like to stand out from your competitor, you can add more value such as framing the sketches or adding some letterings and/or designs that would make the overall presentation more appealing - of course, provided you have the expertise to do so. Please do not attempt something you have little to no skills in.

Best of luck.


Thanks a lot for taking out your time and checking my profile. I understand that the value proposition I am providing might not be good enough for people I’ll try tweaking up that. Regarding the business requirement yes the demand is a little low but I am proficient in my gig so I’ll hope the gig catches someone’s attention or else I’ll definitely try to provide $100 worth of commitment for $5

I am in your shoes trust me… it’s very frustrating knowing you’re such a talent yet can hardly get an order…
I am a new creative seller yet no orders…but let’s just keep hope alive☺

Yea man I joined fiverr thinking I’ll get a dime out of it no matter what so until that happens there is no way I’m leaving.

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