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0 Revisions on my basic gig but they can still revise?How?

My basic gig offer 0 revision, but sometimes the buyer can ask for a revise. Where is that coming from?? Yeah My gig has option to buy more revision for $10. But these buyer didnt even pay more for that extra revision, so how did that happen?

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System allows for countless revisions.

I offer one and always let them know I just can’t do it for free when they come asking for changes the 2nd time. Most of them don’t take it well so I try and do all minor tweaks for free but charge if the revision is actually complex.

Oh I see. So the revision that we offer on the gig is only like to tell them how much revision they will get, right?

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That’s kinda how it works for me, so I’d say yeah!

Try and include the smaller revisions with your gig but charge for the bigger ones, especially if it’s about things they’ve never mentioned before but just suddenly changed their minds.

Let them know some things are just not in the scope of the order.

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Sure ! Thanks a lot for letting me know :))

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