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0 Sale from Month


I don’t know what is happening.
My sales going down to 0.
Getting hardly 1-2 messages in week.

Gigs impression also decreased.

Any suggestion or tip?


Same here… dead month for me no impressions no nothing


It’s like our gigs lost somewhere and no one can see. :confused:


Dont worry…from upcoming January it will be natural


After one order, I didn’t get also.


Hope so! Fiverr take some actions.


still not yet first order


you know festival season is going now :slight_smile:


But it never happened before in 4 years.
This time it’s going down from 2-3 months.
And i think fiverr doing some changes.


I think festival season & also have year end festival that can be the reason


Hope so! This is the reason.


Send offers to buyer request