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0 visitors to my Gig. Advices for gig and profile?

Could someone give me some advice to improve my gig and maybe my profile too?

Thank you really much.

Here my gig:

Use a video of what you offer, make more images and use and make 3 packages

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Yes I agree on video and more catch images. However I don’t agree on three packages. He makes it simple for his buyers and the ‘‘11 Days Meditation & Awareness Path’’ he offers will do the trick right there and then.

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Hmmmm… I think you are right @hum_on_the_go
But it is also a fact that 3 packages increase user engagement by 40% or so (I am not sure)

It is also true what your saying, but with his gig 1 package is enough!!

Okay I was everyone’s opinions are always not same :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:

If you just made your gig maybe the information did not update or the gig is not active yet. It can take up to 48 hours till the gig is active even if it says that it is on your dashboard, and the analytics update every 24 hours.