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07 Day Experience


Seven days ago I created my Fiverr account. I was new to this because I did not understand anything I used to be in the Fiber Forums and I learned a lot from there.

Even within seven days, I got a buyer’s knock. So today I will share how I opened the account and how I did it.

  1. At first, I did a lot of gigs recycling.
  2. From that point of view, create a gig on your own.
  3. After creating a gig, I did not share a gig in any social media. Is it not possible to see that buyer is not available to share in social media? In social media, a gig is not available and buyer’s nails are available
  4. There is no alternative to always be active. You can use smartphones for this. There are Fiverr apps available and by which you can always be active.
  5. These are very useful for the new seller.

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