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$1,00 per $5 is too much!

Hi all Fiverrs!

I am new to Fiverr and I love it. The only thing that should take me out is that for each $5,00 earned Fiverr takes $1,00. After that we have to pay our bank transaction account fees, witch live us an average of $3,50 per job.

Could Fiverr take a small piece like $0,50 per $5,00 or some exponential fee rate?

My best regards for everyone,

Bank transaction fee is much cheaper if you take out a bigger sum of money.

So Fiverr gives you the market… a lot of buyers:)

For 200$ taken on a single transaction(my money i get only 2.5$ fee)

Fiverr is fine. Fiverr doesn’t charge you anything to put your gigs up and they ONLY make money when you make a sale. Just withdraw your money when you’ve accumulated a lot so the transaction fees will be lesser.

Is it? At Elance you have to pay $15 to bid on two different categories. That’s in addition 8.75% they take at project completion.

Besides, follow dexblog’s advice, and start withdrawing large quantities. A few days ago I withdrew $430, my paypal fee was $1.

Thank you all for the great replies!

I am enlighten now. :slight_smile:

Thank you all, hope to see you around and best sales,