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1,000 positive reviews


I just reached 1,000 positive reviews and I am super stoked asjkfsjfl I want to thank Fiverr and everyone who’s supported me and my toaster strudel addiction you guys are the true MVPs thank you all I love you
Next up I’m trying to get that TRS! I can do it! :slight_smile:


Congratulations and best of luck :wink:


Congrats! :thumbsup:


My queue was insane a few days ago, had almost 60 orders in queue


Omg I literally just checked out your profile and was like “whoa, what a nice number of reviews,” then I saw this post. Congratulations to you so much! I always look forward to your input on the posts here on the forum (I’m a huge lurker, haha).



Your gigs ARE on the front page and on the top of the list, I noticed…


Yeah it’s crazy, but amazing! I’m really happy.


Awesome!! I love how you’re getting out of that mini-tragedy :slight_smile:


:sparkles: CONGRATS! Cheers to much more. :sparkles: :champagne:


congratulation.i am new please favour me.


What I wonder is how do we check the profile of other forum users. There is not a direct link to their fiverr account anymore as it was in the old forum, is it?


I just copy their forum username and paste it into the Fiverr URL (so it should look like


I already thought that it was something like that, but was suspecting that everybody had discovered a button that I don’t have seen yet.


Congrats! That’s a wonderful milestone and one I’m chasing too. Hats off for getting there!


People should add the link manually. Here’s a thread (linked below) that shows the baby steps needed to make it happen.

If you click on my icon, you’ll see I have it set so you have the link there. I recommend everybody else does the same.

Of course, for those who haven’t made it easy, we use the tip from @mithril above:

A few more steps, but doable.


Wow that’s AWESOME! Congrats @psychicbunny :blush: :tada:


@mariokluser There is a place for it in your profile under website. We have requested that the forum vendor and staff work on adding everyone’s profile to it automatically, which would make it almost as easy as the old forum. So far they have not reached that point on the to-do list.

The best thing for now is to encourage everyone to add their own and @lisabaarns provided the link on how so I’ll replicate it here and ask everyone reading to change theirs. I can help on a limited basis since moderators can change it for you, but I can’t do them all. If anyone is having a very hard time with it, though, send me a forum PM and I’ll try to help. Here is a re-post of instructions:


Congratssss. ::+1: @lisabaarns I have set it ,thanks for good tip.


Congrats. Wish you more success.


Congratulations and your gigs are nice… Iam going to be ur customer very soon !