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1.1k imprints and no sales...what did I do wrong? Any tips? It would be greatly appreciated


Hi Fiverrs,

I am so happy to be here. I started yesterday:-) I have one sale under my belt and I have followed all the tips that are out there…SEO, videos in all gigs, fun and “really me” gigs, all gigs related to my talents/skills etc I am still in the process of getting more buyers and reviews. (My family now knows Fiverr really well as well. lol.) However, like I mentioned in the title 1.1 k imprints for one gig and no sales…where did I go wrong? Does anybody have tips for me? I would appreciate it greatly. (Maybe it’s my title, video, gig, offer, text? I just don’t know)

Anyway thanks in advance for your time for reading this:-)

Good luck to all, rock on!!



Cool gig. You will have more traction after you have a complete project with 100% feedback. I would focus on 1 gig. You will find that the new gigs will sit until they have at least 1 100% review.

You have to sell stuff you already see people buying on Fiverr. I don’t recommend trying to start a new item or category on Fiverr.

I am assuming you see a whole lot of these selling on Fiverr? I haven’t looked.

After you have a 100% review, I would adjust the delivery time and offer a slightly better deal than your competition. You will invest into those first 100 deliveries on each gig offer to build the gig. After 100 deliveries, you have better dynamics.

I offered $25.00 worth of stuff for $5.00 in 24 hours, when I started. This fueled about 100 orders in 60 days. I later moved those same projects to $25.00 and $50.00 with gig extras.

Be awesome at what you do. Look for gig opportunities that naturally have repeat business. Are there people that need a new delivery from your service every week or month?

Good Luck!


Thanks landongrace!! I am going to try to implement as much of your advice as I can. I think you are awesome!! You are right, I did my research. There is a lot of competition but not so much with the fashion angle. Of course it’s an angle, I can do other types of videos etc too. I just wanted to stand out from the crowd:-) In addition it fits with my career outside of Fiverr. I am working on the 100% reviews, they are my first target right now. Lots of promoting to do amongst my friends:-)

Good luck to you too and keep being awesome!!


It takes a bit more than one day to get things going. I also am not sure if having so many gigs all at once helps, instead of focusing on a few to get some traction and then branch out. I would give it a few weeks and see which gigs get an order or two. One of your gigs says 1 order in queue right now so that sounds like it’s not two gigs under your belt. Just have patience. Your photos are nice and you wrote a good profile, so it may just take some time.


u are just awesome @ landograce


Hi Sincere18,

Thank you for your feedback, I understand that it takes time. I was just surprised with the many imprints. (Before there were 40, so imagine my surprise.) and I wanted to use those imprints. Who knows if next week they will drop significantly, right? So that’s why I looked for some guidance. I said I had one sale under my belt…however it’s in queue. my apologies for using the wrong words in my haste. (The potential buyer is my brother in law so it’s a done deal:-)

People said it’s in the gig numbers, meaning more gigs more exposure. This might vary per person I guess. My gigs are related so maybe that works well. I am not sure, I will keep changing things up. Thank you for the encouraging words and compliments.

Rock on and you too graphics_proff


Maybe some other people will chime in to share how long it took to get a few sales under their belt. If it doesn’t seem to be taking off, maybe expand it beyond the “fashion” as people of all industries probably need a fashionable model holding their signs for their projects. Or maybe offer to hold a flyer/sign they send you as opposed to a one line saying perhaps. Well, that’s if these are live for each buyer, meaning I wasn’t sure if you were just photoshopping the signs in to a set of photos you had.

But it’s a cute thing and it looks fun. So I do wish you good luck!


Your presentation is great, from what I saw…I know very little of the fashion industry, but I was impressed :slight_smile: Wishing you well on here!


You should do either do something nobody else is offering, or just more than any of your competitors in the beginning. Don’t limit the words per sign or per video, you should actually be offering multiple videos per one order until you get enough reviews to get going.

Other than that I don’t agree with the advice about focusing on one gig only, because it may turn out that the tags and titles are not something that help you pop up in the search here - in my opinion you should experiment with as many similar gigs as possible, until you figure out which ones sell and get views, and which ones don’t.

I’d also recommend advertising yourself and fiverr on social media, our first customers came from our facebook/google+ pages and not This way you help fiverr grow, while jumpstarting your business here :slight_smile:

And as previous posts mentioned, one day is still nothing, and from what I can see you already have orders in queue - so you’re doing better than most. Best of luck with future sales :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your great feedback and encouraging words!! I did prep my videos quite a bit and I am still deciding what direction to take. Photoshopping the quotes for example:-) I am also definitely on the social media path to find buyers and asking people in “real life”…they just have to support us, right?

I was just amazed by the 1.1K imprints and I thought: I need to take action now. Even if I am super green here:-) but yes, I shouldn’t worry too much.

Thank you all for your precious time and I wish you all the very best.

Lets do this!!


Reply to @sincere18: great point to change things up. I will have a look tomorrow, thank you for being so honest and sincere…but that I could expect…what’s in a name, right? :slight_smile:


Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: Thank you!! That’s so nice to hear. It did put a lot of work into it. I am glad it shows:-)… I also had to make it extra stylish because my fashion colleagues will probably sneak a peak…and yes it is just like the devil wears prada. (no kidding)


Reply to @inet_solutions: I was thinking that too. Thank you so much for your input. I will have a look at it tomorrow. (Yes, my supportive system has kicked in…I now need to buy many rounds of cocktails I am afraid:-)


Reply to @waysofstyle: you are welcome…but give it some time…even people creating a business outside of Fiverr it always takes time to get going. I’m not sure if you have had your own business before where you have to market yourself, but it takes time. So you may want to give it some time before testing things and making too many changes. But good luck to you.


Reply to @waysofstyle: but that whole imprint vs. sales thing…it’s a business statistic kind of thing. Most people do not realize the amount of visitors it takes on a website to actually get a conversion and have someone buy something. Granted there are tips and tricks of the trade to make things more convertible, but it takes time to really get to know the platform you are selling on and the ins and outs that can be beneficial. Surely you’ll get there.

By the way, one other thought of something you can add to the photos in your gig is maybe a screen snapshot of a website that is using your photo holding a sign. Showing your gig in action, how clients are actually using it, in some form could be something to consider, as it gives buyers ideas. Just ask permission of that website owner of course first.


Don’t stress, it will happen :slight_smile: My first say 5-10 sales seemed to take forever! It took over a week just to get one, but now I am ticking along nicely, it was just hard to be patient in the beginning :slight_smile: