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1* 2** 3*** 4**** = Poor review


The comments below are based off of my personal opinion, experiences and observations. I am open to enlightenment if any.

From the many forums I’ve seen and my own personal experience I have concluded that the permanent star review rating system is not beneficial for sellers here on, especially new sellers. This is proven especially in cases where customers have malicious intent or situations where they view 4 starts as being a high review. From my observation many individuals view customers who give 5 star review as satisfied and the 1-4 star as dissatisfied, 4 star being the least dissatisfied. In other words, customers have 4 different ways to give a poor review and 1 option for a good one. I really don’t see the fairness of having this rating system PERMANENT when there are so many variables that can tarnish a good sellers record. I do really appreciate the 60 day seller level evaluation that has not so long ago been put in place by fiverr. It so far has proven to be effective. However, the permanent star rating has proven to be a contradiction to it. Customers use the star review as a gauage to weigh there options to purchase. How can they accurately measure if the star rating system is so flawed? No doubt if fiverr values their sellers enough there will be a more reasonable rating system in the future. I do hope to hear more comments on this. Please feel free to voice your honest opinions here in a respectful manner.

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Today I just received a 4 stars from a buyer and it feel kinda sucks.
I delivered far ahead and did what my gig offer but he/she still rate 4 stars.

I discovered that most 4 stars rated buyer are new to this platform and they not really know how strict is the ratings system, especially for a TRS to maintain overall of 4.8.

I hope fiverr tuned down a little bit to the crazy 4.8 for TRS.

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If any change were to be made like that, it would only be fair for it to apply to all levels.

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I have to agree, getting a 4 star review sucks - and it can be cultural too. If your service was good, some cultures give you 4.
Some buyers are straight on crazy, you do clearly extra work for them, deliver on time, for a low price, yet you get 3-4 stars, saying it was “ok”.
What really sucks is, no on cares what sort of review I give to a buyer. I wish my 1 start review of a scammer buyer would mean something. But it only tells people I am a sore loser.


Idk level 1 & level 2 still need to maintain 4.8 ratings?


Yep - it’s 4.8 for everybody. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a big order to me so I see the $ amount as a sympathy to my sadness of getting the 4 stars. But he just wanna place a 2nd order, so I will expect another 4 stars, this is sucks.

I hate this. It is why I avoid certain buyers. Every now and again I decide to give a buyer the benefit of doubt. Every time, though, I end up with a stinking 3 or 4 star review, even after putting in far more work than was paid for.

Yes, we do.

I never cared about reviews prior to St Levels. Now I realize that my biggest demotion risk doesn’t rest with having an average of 4 - 6 cancellations every 2-months. Instead, it comes from 4.7 reviews left in error by app users. (Each of which counts as 4.5.) A handful of those send your business nosediving faster than you can say St Levels.


Once time i got 4.0 star review for good work, and after my “oh, okay then…” in my head, i got tipped from same buyer.
Some buyers are strange…)