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1.3k impressions + 2 orders in the duration of more than 40 days

Yes!! Like many of you all i am to curious about this freelancing platform. We all are here to earn a bit more than the usual, some want give thier kids a better education or some are here to buy their dream house, well for me is i want to travel a LOTTT!!

So yeah, this is not a promotional or seeking help and definitely not a RANTING one!

I just want to share with you all the current status of my gigs and one of them got 1.3K impressions and 2 orders :slight_smile:


To all those who are feeling low & unable to get orders β€”> STAY STRONG & HAVE PATIENCE <3


Yes, that’s the only thing to do to keep progressing.


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Absolutely Right. Patience is most importing thing. Do hard work and wait for your turn.