1,934 minutes to be transcribed with between 2-5 speakers,.. how much should i charge.?


it quite some tough task as i write business plans


Run away from this project.
This is 32 hours of transcription with 2-5 speakers - if you do not have experience with this type of project then it is not a good idea to start this big.
Anyone can try basic transcription of 1 person talking for a while but if for big and complicated projects it will chew you up. Also, for this big a project, I find it surprising that a buyer would try someone who has not completed any transcription orders before. At your basic rates, it would come to around $1900 and I really think it is a bad idea for a new seller to take on projects that are as big as that.
I also think you might have a typo on your gig - do you really offer to transcribe 1200 minutes (20 hours) for $250?


eoinfinnegan ,… you know am relatively new to fiver,. i edited my gig for the customer but i tell you this job is crushing like crazy,… i wear headphones till i get burntout ,… on the other side i dont wanna cancel the order,… hmm its tough man,… 2hrs at times taking 6-7 hrs of my time,…


I didn’t realize you had already received the order!
How much have you completed so far and what did you charge?


i took 1200 for $250,… but i was sent the entire 1900 with a deal to agree price later ,… now i dont know what to tell him now that i have tasted actually how much work that is,…


:slightly_frowning_face: Wow that is a lot of work.


how much should i charge??