1 bad review destroy your rating 😢


A buyer insist me voice communication through skyp or whtsapp. I refused
My work was 100% perfect but he give me 3.7* :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
My 5* rating turned to 4.8


Bad review is very bad for seller, Next time you complete any order and then before sand work say to client: You like to any change in this work please say me. I change it after give me best review.


1 bad review doesn’t mean your business is destroyed. 4.8 is still a good rate. Most of the prominent sellers in feverr have around 4.8. So learn the lessons, improve your weak points and go on…


3,7 is a not bad review, don’ìt you worry, you will have other transactions :slight_smile:
however I think you can contact the customer support to remove the review because the buyer didn’t respect the terms of fiverr . It’s not allowed to ask other contacts


Report that to Customer Support. It’s not allowed.


First of all, I’m sorry you had to deal with this person.
Second, report that guy right away.
And number three, I know that feeling when you get a less-than-5 star especially when you had a perfect rating, and me saying this will not make you feel better but 4.8 is not bad at all. Plus I get the feeling you are capable of getting back to 5 very soon :slight_smile: .


I always try to satisfy my buyers with unlimited revisions. Now this become my negative point. :broken_heart:


Are you suggesting to say
“I’ll do your revisions only if you give me a good review?”

I don’t know if that’s what you mean. I hope not.


Don’t feel bad … its not destroy your business… i think u will be get 5 very soon


She is right. You should report customer support. They may remove the review!


dn’t worry , it is a part of business … just discuss with support center…


No Issue if you have 3.7 star you can have other orders and then you can improve your rating.


You CANNOT prompt buyers to give you ‘best review’ for any reason. Doing so is forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Fiverr should have an exception for this kind of situation (with proper evidence). Seller delivered good service, still has to accept negative review just for forbidden intension of buyer.


I am really sorry to hear that you got negative review, but this is natural when working with people, so do not take it close to your heart. Such improper behavior (as a communication outside of Fiverr) might be severe punished.

I advise you to report the buyer to Customer Support and also to create a ticket in regards to this unfair review. Of course, the second might be done only if you have evidence that he rated you negatively because you refused to communicate outside of Fiverr.


Its really hurtfull for you.i wish you good luck for your future work and dont be disappeard.


Agreed but never leave the hope and keep hard working with integrity and one day you will be on the top of ranking.