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1 Day Delivery Time?


Is it helpful to get ranked quickly if i provide 1 day delivery for my gig package?
I meant to say if there is any issue for ranking up.
Thanks in Advance


I would imagine offering 24 hour delivery increases your exposure somewhat. Buyers do have the option to search for sellers offering low delivery times. Some of them must be using it.


@ahmwritingco Thank you so much for helpful answer and i got your point.
I actually think like if fiverr gives any preference or not to rank up considering fastest delivery time as few days earlier they sent me an email to give quick delivery time.


Nobody knows. I would guess no, personally, and that’s because it would discriminate against great sellers whose work takes a little longer to complete.


To find sellers based on specific delivery time (up to 24 hours), may can help. you will see intuitive filters, located on the left side of a subcategory page.


@ahmwritingco This is true Indeed


@veniceart Yeah, Basic should be 1 day i think