1-Day Turnarounds


Hello! Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue.

Some of my gigs are set to 2 day turnarounds, but I would like to set them to 1. I have never had a problem doing this before, but now, when I want to update my gigs, the Extra Fast Rush extra box becomes checked. I didn’t check it. Since I want to change it to one day, it tells me I cannot offer a rush extra and a 1 day turnaround (clearly) and will not let me save the changes. There is no way around this so far, that I have seen. I offer 24 hours or less on my turnarounds, so I would like to be able to change it.

Respectively, I also noticed that some buyers are going around the gig extras (even though it is the same price) in order to have a ‘‘one day’’ turnaround on 7-10 articles. I have had to put a disclaimer on my page letting people know that the price/turnaround is PER ARTICLE (even though I can usually get most of them done in 24 hours). Having to do this has caused a drop in my sales. I would really like to know if Fiverr is/or would consider instituting a cumulative timer, so that if a buyer needs 8 individual gigs, the time will reflect the correct due date. I really don’t enjoy having to deliver empty gigs, in order to attach items later, because a seller has found a way to circumvent my turnaround times.

Thanks for any help and replies.


Hello? Anyone? I’d really love to be able to update my gigs without this error.


I understand how Express Gig works. I have had express gig status since week 1 of fiverr. I’m talking about something totally different. I’m talking about a default check mark in a box I did not select, regardless of what I do on the page.

I am trying to change my delivery from 2 days, to 1. When I do this, the box for the rush extra becomes checked AUTOMATICALLY without me doing ANYTHING. This, I think, qualifies as a bug. :confused:

The only current work around is to put my delivery time at 2 days, edit anything I need too, and then save it with the rush extra on. Then I have to GO BACK into the gig and re-select the 1 day turnaround, which automatically deselects the rush extra option. NORMALLY.

Now, the issue I have is that when I go back in to turn the 2 day delivery back down to 1 day, the BOX FOR THE RUSH EXTRA IS STAYING CHECKED and I cannot put my delivery back down to 1 day because you CANNOT have both.

Does this make more sense?? :confused:

Either way, I already ticketed CS about it and they basically told me there isn’t anything they can do about it. -.- So if anyone has better ideas, I’m all ears.