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1. Fiverr support the worst 2. fiverr unfair


it’s a fact they only cancel orders (favor of the buyer) they never complete an order when a buyer is one of these i want everything free persons because than you get a lame pre-made message from them and when you say something about it…they don’t answer anymore. so next time Fiverr when you say you do not take sides don’t lie you do always in Favor of the buyer and it does not make sense we worked for it we loose everything if you want it fair and the job is completed mark it complete if the buyer is making up BULL SH#$% so he gets what he ordered and we get paid.


That’s funny, because I always get great results when talking with Fiverr Customer Support. I’m guessing you just got scammed. When you complained, did you present the facts, along with why the other guy is violating TOS? Or did you just send a garbled rant and then get angry?

Please stop spamming the forum with a link to this post. There are literally thousands from both sides. Seen one, you’ve seen them all. As your mother might have said when you were younger “life’s not fair”.

I’ve turned into my mother! Shite.


yes i explained very well what he did they could also check it in the order messages (of course they didn’t) the support is ALWAYS bad i guess you work for Fiverr they ask you for things you already explained or send…because they to lazy to read the previous messages. i do not spam you knwo what is SPAM…is not SPAM i just make people aware of a fact


Could you please explain in detail about what happened exactly?



I have had my issues with a few customers trying to pull a fast one. In most cases Fiverr Customer Support have been very supportive, in fact in one case, they forced the sell through and I got paid.
What I suggest is when contacting Fiverr Customer Support , is get your evidence together, have it in a word document in chronological order, state your case in a POLITE manner and abide by the decision handed down by CS and move on.



I work for myself, and use Fiverr as one of the mainy online marketplaces for freelancers to meet new clients.

You were spamming a bunch of other posts on the forum without adding to the discussion. That’s spam.

Nobody knows what your actual issue is, just that you hate Fiverr and clearly bumped into a bad seller.