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$1 for 600 words

Hi people! I hope you are all well. I was curious about a situation that just happened and wanted to know your opinion. For how many years would you arrest a buyer who offers $1 for 600 words? :clown_face:

  1. They didn’t break any laws.

I know. It was a joke, not a critic.

I’m aware it was a joke.


Alex, just a friendly heads up: offering to write academic work is against Fiverr TOS.


No seller on Fiverr can be forced into virtual indentured servitude. A seller would have to be a willing participant.

The unfortunate part is that there are currently so many incredibly desperate sellers flooding Fiverr who would willingly accept such ludicrous offers in the vain hopes that a single order completed will open a floodgate of future orders.


Yes Yes. My GIG offers consulting only. If you understand it that way, maybe more people will understand it the same way and I can harm myself. I’ll review my words carefully. Thanks for worrying!

The buyer had dozens of offers. I was a little worried, but I can’t do much about it.

Ah, so it was a Buyer Request post? I’ve seen worse offers like 2000 words for $5 with a promise of future work at a better pay rate.


Yes, exactly. I even saw one who wanted the job to be delivered before the monetary transaction was made. Like, isn’t that illegal?

Hm, that’s not what it sounds like from reading your profile description. Maybe reword that?

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It violates the rules and policies of Fiverr, but is not illegal. It’s a scammer buyer preying upon the desperation and lack of Fiverr knowledge of new sellers.


Hi, thanks for worrying. Perhaps in my vernacular language this has not happened, but there may be a communication noise when passing the message into English. I just rephrased. Could you tell me if it’s still the same?

Unfortunately, scammers and unsuspecting new sellers are not uncommon.

It does seem better in the English version.

I’ve read on this forum that the mere word essay can trigger a warning though, so that’s something to consider. I’m not sure if it would be the same for the Brazilian Portuguese version of it.

I’ll leave this to your best judgment.


I believe @alex_sampaio’s profile is gone. :thinking: