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1 gig requires modification

In my profile, there is written that “1 (gig) requires modification”.

However, when i click the link there is writte "No gigs which require modifications to show."

What is the matter with this?

Thanks for your help.



mystic_insight said: they will solve the problem for you immediately.

Not quite immediately... This is another glitch in the Fiverr Matrix. Most likely, it will go away on its own. However, if it is bothering you or if there is a real issue that you need to resolve associated with the modification alert, yes. Contact Fiverr Customer Support at :

oh you’re suffering from difficult problem.

Reply to @mrbilalmemon: Pleas stop spamming the forum.

My first gig was rejected. I hope I did not take a big disappointment with fiverr, because it seems to limit you too much with their acceptance policy. Until I created an article on my blog about fiverr. I hope I do not regret that.

I also think that fiverr too late to approve a gig.