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1 Hour-You follow my blog, I'll advertise your gig :)


Now until 5:20pm PST, I’ll post on my blog about your gig as long as you follow my blog first. Please take a look at my gigs as well (any feedback…and of course orders…are welcome ;)) *I do however reserve the right to not post your gig based on personal standards i.e. I don’t believe in psychic stuff and no scantily clad women will make it on there :wink:


UMMM you will need to get your link approved before posting


lol, I should probably post the blog site :stuck_out_tongue: http://fragglesrock

[Sheriffs Note: Your blog link was not approved. Please do not share your blog link in the forum. Thank you for your patience, and please don’t remove this note. Thank you!!]


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Just caught myself on that, see below :wink:


I do really think you need a profile photo for your account/gigs on Fiverr also a video and more examples of your work(s) for each gig will be beneficial to your gigs

#6 Plz : ( : (


I don’t understand why my blog link was denied…what a discouraging load :frowning: Not spammy or anything, but whatever. I guess twitter is fine, blogs aren’t?