1 huge amount gig vs many small gigs


Hello Guys,

Please suggest me something, Should I send custom offers of whole amount or do I need to break down them into small parts so that no. of gigs will increase on my profile. Does it make any sense ?


breaking them down in to many orders may be seen as review manipulation in a sense. Better to put it as one gig for that buyer.


I see you work on wordpress, as do i…I have definitely had better success charging one larger fee to do an entire job. I would say test the waters, work on your gigs a bit set up the 3 tier pricing levels and see how it goes for a few months,


Well I have tried everything in last one month, but impressions are still going down :slight_smile:


May be you are right, then i will keep making large amount gigs


I belive there was sort of update being done the last month, i also seen a huge decline in sales but it has picked up again recently.