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1 I am a WordPress developer. please give me some advise. How can I get my 1st order?


I am a WordPress developer. please give me some advise. How can I get my 1st order?



Maybe you should start with:
“Can anyone give me some basic advice, if and when you have time. Thanks.”

Instead of the demanding:
“everybody help me”

Is everyone obliged to help you?

First, start with marketing, make a blog, and start from there is my tip.

Welcome to the community.


hello, sorry to say this; NO one will help you find work or order, you need to do that by yourself


Thank you. I edited my post. :slight_smile:


Try to create several gigs at once, and then experiment and see which one is more popular. Remove ones that have no or few views/impressions, and create new ones - keep optimising but no need to overdo it. Avoid sitting around and just waiting to receive an order - go out there and spread the word out. Facebook group for Fiverr promotion is a good place to start and for free. Best of luck :grinning:

P.S. most of all - be patient and your 1st order will eventually arrive!


thank you for your valuable advise. :slight_smile:


thank you. I will try my level best. :slight_smile:


thank you for your valuable advise.


Don’t forget to check buyers requests, that’s how I got my first gig, and, some time later, my best paying job yet!

and be patient, it took me more than one month to get my first sale, I know people who had to wait for 2 or 3 months,

I once thought that I was never going to get any sales, now I have more than 10 with returning customers,

the same will happen to you, just keep on keeping on



You will have to be online for maximum hours on fiverr
Use fiverr mobile app too
Refresh the buyer’s request [ choose your gig category appropriately to recieve more buyer’s request ]

10 bids per day

Do social media marketing

optimize your gig to get a good place in the search results

First few weeks/months you might not get any bid reply.
Dont just sit back but try to improve the service you are providing by watching online tutorials/ practice more and create a very good portfolio which you can show to clients and also attach them in your bids to increase the probability of winning jobs


Thank you for your advise. :slight_smile: :relaxed:


Thank you.


Entrepreneurship and business is not easy. You should find your own way, there’s no universal rule. Everyone does it differently. I advertise so differently from other people for example. I don’t use social media. Capisce? Ciao