1 month- 2 levels & Featured seller!


I was in the middle of eating nachos and spinach dip in front of the tv when my phone chimed. I checked it and it was a message from Fiverr saying I got level 2 and I am now a featured seller! I AM SO THRILLED! throws nachos everywhere

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: panda dance


i dont know ! how you got 2 level in one month …


i have 700+ positive feedbak in just one month and featured too …

But i have not got level 2 :frowning: bad luck :frowning:

thank you


I think the Fiverr Admin manually leveled me up. I also have a very very low cancellation rate.



Good job girlie!


Reply to @mrspanda: I Completed About 1200+ORDER And 80-100 ORDER cancelled :frowning:

how many order you got and how much cancelled ?can i know please ?

thank you a lot


I have about 200 orders and 3 cancellations.

I got manually leveled up tho, not automatically so don’t go by that.

Megan, I laughed so hard my husband thought I was crazy lol


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thank you so much OBG!!


Reply to @mrspanda: congrats



Good things happen to good people, and this is a great example of it.

Enjoy level 2!! :smiley:

BTW spinach dip sounds gooooooooooooooooooood…drool…


Reply to @zeus777: Thank you very much.

It was delicious… my husband was about three hours later to come home and I didn’t want to eat dinner without him, so i stole his nachos and dip… cough I mean… the BABY in my belly stole his nachos and dip!


Way to go!!

btw did you email them about getting featured? or they spotted you themselves


Reply to @empowerim: They spotted me. I never really e-mail Fiverr unless it is in regards to ToS or a buyer being difficult.


Congratulations! You deserve every bit of it. I think it’s a first that someone has been manually promoted to level 2, but I, for one, agree with Fiverr on this. You quality of work must have impressed them a lot.


wooow I wish the same could happen to me! :stuck_out_tongue: congrats by the way!!


bows to Queen Panda ^:)^


Thanks everyone!

-pokes crcanny- no bowing to the panda! :stuck_out_tongue: I actually crochet that baby bootie you sent me… I was amazing that it only took me 20 minutes when it would’ve took an hour knitting!


Reply to @mrspanda: OMG, I’m so glad. :smiley: (I owe you more patterns, actually, thanks for reminding me!) And yes, crocheting is waaaay faster, althought knitting can make a nicer fabric, especially for scarves. But for construction of infant items, crocheting all the way, baby!


Reply to @crcanny: Don’t worry too much about the patterns. There is NO yarn here! I asked one of the other ladies that crochets baby costumes here where she gets her yarn and she said “Amazon.” -_-


I made Level 2 today also! I bought a gig from you to celebrate. You deserve that Featured title though! woohoo!!!


Amazing!! Good job! I am new here and I already have seen you in the forums being so helpful to everyone so I know it is well deserved!