1 month and still no first sale


I mean, I know I have to be patient and stuff but, is there something wrong with my gig or it’s just the way fiverr’s algorithm works on new sellers?


Your gig says you’ll remove the background from 50 images within 4 hours for $5, but when you visit your gig, you only remove 10 backgrounds for $5? Buyers don’t like ‘bait and switch’, and neither do Fiverr CS.

Maybe you need a better gig image - you can change the video thumbnail to something other than a black rectangle.

There are nearly 10000 other background removal gigs - what are you doing differently?

Are you marketing your gig off-Fiverr, or solely relying on what traffic Fiverr might bring?

You can have another 6 gigs - why not use them? :sunny:


So should I make the other packages as separate gigs? I’m new to freelancing world especially online on fiverr, I only get clients from friends and acquaintances in real life. I’m planning to add more gigs this christmas break since there would be no research papers to handle, do more gigs gives me more chance of getting my first sale?


Why not offer other services as the other gigs?

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry but I didn’t understood what you said, can you briefly explain it to me? :grinning:


I mean, it’s the same service just different on quanitity/amount, right? :dizzy_face:


Is there a big market for background removal?

I’ve purchased many services on 5r, but this is not one of them.


If you’re good with Photoshop, are there other services you can offer apart from background removal?

Have a look at what other sellers are offering to get an idea.

@gina_riley2 background removal - presumably some ‘guru’ somewhere said it was a good thing. :wink:


I’m guessing it’s easy and quick? If so, the market is saturated.

I do not believe there are many buyers of this service.


I can do some vector/logos , color correction, retouching, some light video editing but I’m not on that ‘expert level’ so I’m afraid to post some gigs on fiverr for that specific fields.


@gina_riley2 It’s pretty easy and quick , so yeah, I do guess buyers of this service chooses the top rated sellers instead of shady/new sellers like us. :no_mouth:


I inquired about the same thing @offlinehelpers did. Very confusing for buyers!


Don’t really understand why you used the term “shady”. Perhaps just new sellers would have been a better choice. Anyhow you need to change your gig to tell your buyer exactly what you are offering without saying one thing and offering another. Until you fix that I can’t see you getting any sales.