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1 month & counting!

I joined Fiverr in February 2017 as a buyer, but realized it was a great platform to be a seller. I didn’t act upon it as I was busy with other projects.

Randomly sometime in May I created a gig, and got busy and forgot about it. Signed back in 2.5 weeks later and i’d received messages about my gig, but had obviously missed. This was late May 2017 and that’s when I decided to be more active on here.

I have to say it’s been an amazing 1 and a half months! Sure, it doesn’t pay like my real job, but I have learned so much more about my industry, worked with people from diverse business backgrounds and got bumped up to a Level 1 seller. Small feats I know, but definitely incentive to keep going.

Tips from veteran sellers on how to get better on Fiverr are most welcome!

Welcome sorta :wink:

I suggest searching the Forum for valuable tips and visiting the Fiverr Academy.

Best of luck on your journey here!

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