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1 month + I don't get any order I have 30 review

Hello, I am a graphic designer in Fiverr. Now I have 30 reviews. 1 month + I don’t get any order. Because of I don’t see any buyer request and my all gig are down. Anyone, please help me how can I rank my gig. I live in Bangladesh so when I can get buyer request.

Same to me… Need suggestion

Sorry to hear about that, But don’t loose hopes you have lot of chance to make money on fiverr.
Sometime, we all sellers face situations like yours but we wait and we get orders and messages.

If you really think your gig is not visible on fiverr search engine anywhere then you need to contact fiverr regarding the issue, they might help you with this issue.

If you want ask any more questions feel free to reply me.

Kind Regards

Hi Shantapbl,

I looked your profile finds your gig videos does not give good impressions too color full.

one more thing see how it looks it looks empty screen does not indicate anything.

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@shabirbhat, thanks for your valuable suggestion. Trying to make it corrected.

Yes please make it correct and check pricing of your gigs make it affordable and use Buyer requests frequently that is the on key you can get sales…

Kind Regards

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@shabirbhat, okay. Changing the pricing also. Thanks

So sad to hear. Everyone needs to start from somewhere. Change your requirements or pricing? Charge less than the market, that way people will hire you.