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1 month left but not getting any order

Hello everyone, so its been a month since I am using fiverr but I am not getting any order.
I am promoting my gigs on social media also using buyer requests but still there is no order.
Is there any help or suggestion for me?

Change your picture to a more professional one.

Okay, thanks for your advice :blush::blush:

@louiemolina Is my picture okay?

No offence, but if you’re offering translation services then you should probably look into improving your English. It isn’t awful, but plenty of people will see the mistakes you’ve made in your gig titles/descriptions and look elsewhere.

In those translations gigs, I also recommend re-writing those descriptions in the other language after the English description. Not sure how many people actually do this, but if I were to buy from someone I’d like to know that they can actually communicate in that language fluently.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

What are trying to sell?