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1 Month old, Still No Order


I joined fiverr about 1 month ago and still no order. please someone check my gig and tell me what should I do and how to improve my gig. I appreciate your advice.


Someone will be with you shortly. But, in the meantime, since you’re brand spankin’ new here are a few good reads:


Thanks quick and helpful reply @nikavoice. i’ll try them.


Best advice I could give you is to try and offer more gigs? There are many sellers who do logo design, what else can you do?

Snap chat filters are popular,
images for blogs,
images for social media,
banners for social medias,
intros for youtube videos
unique resume designs,

Try to diversify your offerings :slight_smile: hope this helped!


I think that I can design social media banners. thank you for the advice @virtualservice1


Stop talking about yourself. As a buyer, I don’t care if you say you are talented (show me examples since you are a graphic designer) or following a degree.

Are you trying to get gigs for creating a logo? That’s what it appears like. Not sure if people will find you. There are many, many others doing the same here so you are getting lost in the crowd. You have to think like your gig is another page on the web and you need to do SEO practices to even be found on Fiverr, let alone the web at large.

Also agree with Virtual Service. You even say you are a Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator pro. I would have gigs for these as well. Social media banners for advertisement purposes is a good idea too.


Follow the “fiverr academy” in the bottom of the page.

It has so many valuable information. Including video tutorials.