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1 month passed without customer support reply, Awesome guys!

I submitted cs request 3rd September 2020. I got a robot message, We will get into your request within 10 business days. But 1-month passed.No reply. Why Fiverr only takes immediate action when the buyer’s report sellers.When sellers try to contact cs No reply. I think We need more attention from Fiverr as sellers.


I’m a buyer. Seven days passes. No response.


I got a reply from CS during the pandemic within 6-7 days as far as I can remember.

I am not sure what happened in your case. Why did you contact them, what was the issue? It might be related to that.


There is an order fraud. I made my first order on Fiverr seven days ago and request an editor to proofread my article. The seller didn’t do the work. Instead she used the software and corrected even right sentences to wrong ones. Many grammar mistakes remain. she claimed that she did 5 revisions within two hours, which is ridiculous. I hired another editor, who did excellent work. Compare those two versions of revisions I can tell that I’m being cheated by the first seller.


Thank you very much for your reply Mr donnovan86
CS canceled my 3 orders in September. Therefore My gigs ranked down from the search results and the order cancellation rate dropped. I don’t know the reason for canceling the order. I submitted cs request, But no reply for 1 month and 3 days. Should I open a new cs request? But what is the difference? It will take more time than my previous request!

Thank you chenghaohu,
We deserve more support from CS. We can accept some reasons due to this pandemic situation.
But we expect to solve our problems at the moment they happen, Not after 10 or 30 days.

If you are regularly active in the fiber forum, you will see the order will come

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No, that would only slow things down even more. Or, worse, they could treat it as spam and block you.

Nonsense. Being active on the forum doesn’t guarantee orders.


Thank you for your reply dude, Did you get a bunch of order and ranking on the search page after being active in the forum?

Thank you very much Mr catwriter,
I note that a lot of level 1 and level 2 sellers demoted to the last page of the search page. I thought When I became a level 1 seller I will get more orders and care from Fiverr. Oh poor me!!
But I will stay positive and continue my quality work with my returning buyers!

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Same here. I also facing the problem.

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Thank buddy! what to do,We can only wait!

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It’s actually new sellers who get a temporary boost when they join (no matter how much they complain that new sellers don’t get a chance). After that, you’re on your own.

Gigs are being rotated, so that everyone gets a chance to be seen. A place in search is not permanent, no matter where it is, first page, last page, somewhere in between.


Whoever told you that didn’t know what they were talking about.


Thank buddy, But for the previous month I am No going up from the 3 page.Still keeping good rating, Stay online more than 15 Hours a day. Completed order on time. Doing test and learn from fiverr. No progress.No support from cs also.

Has that really help you too. Though i heard it too but not really working the buyer who share the experience for me too

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Hi chris_tech70, Hejolfikorhaydara is also a new seller with no sales. I think you should forward your question to an expert, I want to know the answer too!

Does being active on the forum bring you more sales? No. I mean, it might happen that someone notices you (if your posts are good, not endless thankyous and parroting nonsense) and buys from you, but that’s very, very rare.


Got it, dude,
I think real expert notice the question and answered promptly. Thank you very much!

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Hi, I also submitted a request on 13th Sept and they reached out to me yesterday. The pandemic has affected everyone badly but don’t worry they will reply in due time and will solve your request.

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