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1 month running of joining fiverr NO Response from buyers


I am Fahmida Sadia. I have passed 1 month of joining in fiverr. I have created 7 gigs. I can not understand what is my fault. I can’t sell any gigs till now. :frowning: PLZ help me out.


Have you tried sending buyer requests?


Yes… already sent 16 offers.


Okay then wait. Keep sending buyer requests and have patience.


You can send 10 per day, try to use as many as you can daily (just to jobs that you can really do)


Actually I had passed 1 year in fiverr. It’s my new account. There was another account of me. Recently it was closed by me because of no response from buyers :’(


I sent my suggestions in a message. :slight_smile:


Can you copy/paste one of your BR?

I just want to see how you respond, perhaps we can give you some tweaks and help you to send better bids.


please @ gina_riley2 , please I want to know also tweaks and want to know how will send better bid.



Post one of the offers you sent HERE and the community can take a look.

We can’t help you, if we can’t see what you wrote.


why you can’t see my wrote?I don’t understand.please help me.


Show me a sample of a bid you did so we can give you advice on how to tweak it.

Post it here. Do not PM me.


how is it show here? when I saw any buyer request then send offer by my gig, is it? or you want to see the content when sending a request to buyer?


Have you ever bid on Buyers Request?


yes I have bid but haven’t response


Gina’s idea is great. Here is how you can show us:

  2. Click on SENT OFFERS.
  3. Copy/paste (buyer’s text + your text) or take a screenshot. Post either here in a comment.


Hi Fahdima, :slight_smile:

I’m being totally honest and I hope you don’t find anything I say rude— since you asked for suggestions, I’m being straightforward.

I looked through your gigs and profile. I read the descriptions and looked at the images.

What I recommend is this: for any gig (and especially for proofreading/writing gigs), native English speakers will notice even the tiniest error in grammar, punctuation, etc. I noticed those + things like run on sentences.

So that’s the very first thing to fix: all texts 100% proofread + work on gig descriptions so that the writing is concise, and flows.

About the images–there is soooooo much competition (we all know that). So I would delete all the pics in all the gigs, and replace them with original photography or other visuals (drawings, painting, graphics). You want the main cover picture to stand out from other gigs. If you are an artist, you can create the visuals. Or, ask/hire someone else to create them.

What is already excellent, I noticed right away while reading what you wrote in the descriptions—your warm personality shines through. That’s so great, because most people want to buy from a real person. There is no lack of sellers have ‘dry’ profiles, and it feels like you’re buying from who-knows-who, sitting behind a screen who-knows-where. Your profile is inviting and personal.

In addition, you offer a range of services. This is great because you can see many more buyer requests than if you had only one gig in one category. Of course, all we sellers should only offer gigs for services we can do professionally.

I hope my tips helped and let me know if you have a question.

Hugs, May :penguin:


@gina_riley2 a sample of a bid you want to see that,

Buyer request=>i looking some one who can give me product upload work (customization)

and My offer text=>Hi! I would like to know about of your product details and how many product? And I also want to know your website is Install and set up is done. If you want to see any portfolio same work then I will show you.

Now you see and give your advice on how to tweak it.


@webeeing I think what Gina ( @gina_riley2 ) means, is a real buyer request + the real (exact) text you sent.

Each request is different, so you need to mention specifics about what they need and what you are offering.

And super important–if 20 similar sellers send a custom offer with the same price, the one with the best English will get the gig.

Here’s a post of mine in this forum from a while back. I suggest reading till the end, despite the length. And note what I write at the end about ‘making a list.’

May :tulip:

Edit: I forgot to post the link: Tips for better communication in English [CLOSED]


Thank you so much and give me advice so more that I wish